Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Shower Tile Grout Looking Nice

Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Shower Tile Grout Looking Nice

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“What is the best shower maintenance tip to avoid costly repairs in the future?” This is the smartest question to ask when you want to keep your tile grout looking like new for a long time. Grout is made of water repellent material, so it can remain in good condition after years of use, if you know how to maintain it properly. However, most homeowners still find that despite applying recommended cleaning practices, they are still left with yellowish grout and mildew on the tiles.

You may wonder why these happen. Mildew growth and discolouration are often due to frequent and prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity. It helps to make the bathroom well-ventilated so wet walls, floor and surfaces can dry out quickly.

Another thing that may cause stained grout is the quality of your water supply. The presence of rust in your water supply could be a major cause of stains. You should consider using a house water filter if your home's water supply has been found to have rust.

If grout discolouration cannot be removed even with aggressive cleaning, then often the only solution to fix this condition at this point is a total regrout.

So don’t let the problem come to this point. Before it’s too late to do anything but spend a lot of money to fix to your shower tile and grout, here are a few recommendations you could do to keep your showers looking nice for a long time:

1. Opt for natural shampoo.
Your hair products may contribute to the discolouration of the grout. You should check the ingredients list on the back of your shampoo bottle to see if there are dyeing or colouring substances. If you find substances that can add colour to your hair, then it might stain the tile and grout as well. If your aim is to keep your grout spotless, then you may need to switch to natural products instead.

2. Use mild cleaning chemicals.
Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals. While these products may be effective in making your grout look cleaner, the ingredients may strip away the grout’s repellency and cause the grout to turn into a water-absorbing surface. In order to reduce the damage, you should opt for less harsh cleaners. Use a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean the grout, scrub it off with a soft brush that has a little elbow grease.

3. Reseal the grout regularly.
Most home improvement stores offer sealing products. These products maintain the water-repellent quality, which can become less effective over time, of the grout. Sealing grout will make it resistant to stain. It’s recommended to seal the grout at least once or twice a year, depending on how often the shower is used on a daily basis.

4. Be vigilant about keeping shower surfaces dry.
A squeegee with a suction cup will come in handy to dry shower room surfaces right after you use it. Dry off the tiles and grout after each shower, concentrating on the grout, tile and shower doors to ensure that fewer mineral deposits are left behind.

It’s recommended to visit a tile maintenance service, such as Tile Tech each year to keep your shower looking new. Contact Tile Tech for further information on keeping your tile and grout look new here


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