Top 4 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Day Care

Top 4 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Day Care

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Starting child care centre is a big step for parents and children. Here's how to make the transition easier for everyone.

1. Have a chat about day care centres

Taking your toddler to day care may come as a shock to him initially. The best way to get him comfortable in staying at a day care is to have a chat with him about it and perhaps show him some photos of how fun it is to stay there. It would be better if you can pay your chosen day care a visit and give him a chance to see what it’s like beforehand.

Get your child involved in picking the child care centre. This will make him feel his input matters.

2. Stay with him for the first one to two hours on his first day

Separation anxiety is normal among most toddlers and making your child feel at ease at a day care will require your presence. Stay with him for about one to two hours, or until he feels somewhat comfortable.

Stay where he can easily see you, so he can also play with children his age and get accustomed to his new environment.

3. Make him feel comfortable

You can ask one of his mom’s playmates for a play date at the day care or have him bring his favourite toy. Having someone or something he is familiar with will help make him feel at ease.

If he is to stay for long hours, make sure to bring essentials like his favourite blanket so he won’t get cranky when he gets sleepy.

4. Patience is key

Children react differently when it comes to child care facilities. Some may adapt quite easily, while others might have a hard time parting with mum or dad. It’s important to be patient and stay positive during this transition.

If it has been weeks and your child is still unsettled in day care, have a chat with the carers. You can ask about your child’s progress and what seems to bother him when staying at day care. You also need to chat with your child and ask him why doesn’t like staying at day care and what you can do to help.

You also need to be open to the fact that you might need to transfer child care centres; one that is more suitable to his needs.

You only want the best when it comes to your child. Make sure to read reviews and ask for references when it comes to choosing your child’s day care centre. For more information on child care centres and services, click here.

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