Top 4 Tips to Choose Tile Sizes Wisely

Top 4 Tips to Choose Tile Sizes Wisely

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Determining the right size of tiles to use for your floor depends on several factors. Tiles can have a huge impact on the look, feel and purpose of any space, so it’s important to make the right choice.

If you are looking for the right tile size for your home flooring, follow the steps below:

1. Consider the Floor Area
Floor tiles come in various sizes and shapes. The standard shape is square, and the common sizes used are 12-square inches or 16-square inches. Larger or smaller tiles are available as well. It’s important to know the size of your floor space before going to the store so you can determine the number of tiles you need before you go shopping.

2. Room Size Determines the Tile Size
When considering tile size, you have to look into the distance between the tiles that will be used as space for grouting. The bigger the grout space, the smaller the tile count per size will be. If the room is large, then it’s better to opt for large tiles. But if you plan to tile a small area in the house such as a hallway, foyer or bathroom, then smaller tiles would be the best choice.

3. Shopping for Tiles
Once you have chosen the stylem the size and the amount of tiles you need, then you can go shopping for the tile in your local home improvement store. Visit the store’s showroom or check out their online catalogue to get an overview of tile sizes, styles and price range. It’s best to deal with tile suppliers and manufacturers that offers a wide range of tle collections so you can really zoom in to the right tiles that will suit your needs, budget and home design.

4. Asking for Expert Suggestions
The best way to determine the right tile size for your needs is to get help from a specialist. Contact local tile experts and ask for advice. Choose trusted tile suppliers, such as Amber Tiles, which will give you the right recommendation and tips for your home flooring. Check out the Amber Tiles page here for further information.


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