Top 4 Tips on Choosing Garage Doors

Top 4 Tips on Choosing Garage Doors

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Like your entry doors, your garage doors are one of the first things your guests and neighbours can see, and they can add significant value to your home.

For most, the garage protects valuable possessions like cars and appliances, and it also serves as the shelter for stored items like cleaning supplies, tools, and bicycles. So while having a good-looking garage door that increases the value of your home is important, so is making sure it’s well-built and secure.

With everything you store inside, you need a garage door that can stand up to any kind of weather and can carry out its function for years to come. When you’re choosing a garage door, follow these tips below.

Top 4 Tips on Choosing Garage Doors

Keep up with the trend.

Never choose an outdated garage door like a single panel garage door. Sectional doors are more dependable and don’t require you to park half a block away just to get the garage door open. With every section connected to the track, sectional doors function as intended for far longer than an outdated single panel door, which may only have several connections to the track for the whole door. Sectional garage doors also don’t arc out when you open them, meaning you can park your vehicle as close to the garage as you need to without putting your car or door at risk.

A timber style sectional garage door looks just like a genuine wood and adds a gorgeous flair to your home’s appearance. If you’re looking for a more rustic look without jeopardising quality, timber style is for you.

Support local brands.

Major garage door retailers may have some interesting pricing, but they aren’t dedicated to a single service. Going with a company that concentrates on garage doors ensures that you’ll get the finest product, service, and installation for years to come. Local companies near you have local warranties, which means that if something goes wrong, you won’t be waiting for days for a response. Local companies also provide great deals without being aggressive, as these businesses rely more on client satisfaction and word of mouth to stay in operation.


Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, but do your part in the process before you even make an acquisition. Before selecting a company, do some research. Find out how long they’ve been operating and what other clients are saying about their products and services. Visit their website, look for their product line and make sure that all their garage doors are high-quality.

Before the installation starts, ask for the installer’s credentials and make sure they have the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done as fast and efficient as possible. Lastly, review the warranty information to guarantee that you’re covered should something wrong happen and ask for the extension of warranties and repairs out of warranty.

Leave it to the pros.

Hire a professional to install your new garage door. Tampering with your garage door can void your warranty and you’ll have the benefit of a full warranty for many years to come if you have professional handymen do the job.

If you still can't decide on what type of garage door should you choose, do not hesitate to call Ultimate Garage Doors & Gates today!


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