Top 4 Tips for Repairing Your Garage Door Opener

Top 4 Tips for Repairing Your Garage Door Opener

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Availing remote control garage door opener is probably the easiest and most convenient way of opening and closing the doors of a garage. Because of remote control access, you can operate them while you're inside your car, helping you save time and protecting you from bad weather condition.

But what if your garage door opener stops working? You can try these four simple tips to get it running again.

Check your remote control.
Check the battery of your remote control handset. Try changing the battery if its indicator light isn’t coming on or the light from it is dull. It’s a sign that your battery needs replacement. Avoid damaging your handset because it’s a fragile electronic device. If its circuit board is damaged, you need to replace the whole remote control. Also, keep your remote out of sunlight, handle it with care, and avoid pressing its buttons with sharp objects.

Check your garage door motor.
If your handset seems to be working but the motor still won't move:
• Check your power supply connection. Try to disconnect your motor from the power source, and try to plug small electrical appliance on it just to confirm if there’s power in the motor. If it ain't working, call for an electrician to investigate.
• If there’s a beeping sound coming from the motor, look for a service technician to fix it. For your own safety, don’t attempt to change the door settings yourself. Look for a service technician for diagnostic tests and repair.
• Check your door's brackets, springs, cables, and chain to see if they’re broken. If any of them are broken, your door may be too heavy for your motor to lift. For your safety, call a service technician to fix it.

Disengage your motor and operate the door manually.
While waiting for the service technician to arrive, you can disengage the motor and operate the door manually. Follow the instruction from your instruction manual on how to disengage the motor.

Call a service technician near you.
This is the best thing you can do. Service technicians can assist you efficiently and supply all replacement or repair works that you might need.

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