Top 4 Tips for Packing Your Things Before a Move

Top 4 Tips for Packing Your Things Before a Move

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Planning to move to a new place or in a foreign country can cause you a bit stress, especially packing your things. Here are some of the things you should have in mind to make your life much easier as you pack your things.

Pack in a careful manner.
You should probably start by purchasing boxes and wrapping paper in order to have all the supplies you need. The whole process is indeed slow, time-consuming and it’s easy to get distracted or even get bored on the way. But a careful manner of packing will save you from the pity of being surrounded by remains of valuable items broke on the way, or even basic but important items such as plates, mugs and other pottery. You don’t want to spend extra money because you failed to wrap in soft materials (wrapping paper, stretch foil or newspapers). Of course, removal companies offer a warranty for such situations, but why take a chance?

Assign descriptions for each box.
Do this so that the removal company will know which one is more susceptible to damage in the process. Generic descriptions such as “clothing”, “plates” or even “fragile” are perfect. They’ll give the removal company employees an idea of what might be in each box and how they should handle them.

Pack personal items in a separate box.
This way, it will be easier for you to reach for them immediately after your arrival. For example, medicines, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers, a full set of clothing and pyjamas, as well as other bits and pieces for personal hygiene should be on hand for your first nights at your new home.

Be organised.
The best way to keep track of all activities implied by your moving process is to make a checklist — either on a small notepad or your smartphone. Don’t leave everything on the last week before moving. There’s a good chance that the pressure will make you forget some important aspects. If you have magazine or newspaper subscriptions on your current address, don’t forget to cancel those.

You might want to consider packing any valuable items separately. When moving, things can get agitated and you can easily misplace valuable items. Pack separately your jewellery and put it in a safe place (your personal luggage, for example). It will save you from the desperation of not knowing where exactly you have placed them. This is a good advice even if you hire a removal company.

So there, you now have an outline to follow when packing. For tips and tricks that will help you be sure you’re going to have a pleasant experience while moving to a new place, consult the top removal companies in Australia today.


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