Top 4 Tips for Healthy, Strong and Pretty Nails

Top 4 Tips for Healthy, Strong and Pretty Nails

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Your fingernails can speak so much about your health, hygiene and personality. And the good news is: it’s relatively simple and inexpensive to keep nails in good shape and condition and free from unappealing chipping or nasty infections.

Here are top 4 tips that help you keep your nails looking and feeling good all the time:

See if you need a vitamin boost. Regular cleaning and filing are actually all you need to invest in to ensure healthy nails. But if, despite your best efforts, your nails still tend to be weak and brittle, then you may need to look into your nutritional intake. Adding more protein to your diet and/or taking B-complex vitamins as your daily supplement can make your nails stronger, healthier and better looking.

Keep your nail polish on for longer. Putting on nail polish isn’t harmful to nail health, especially if you select the right products to apply. Moreover, you can lessen the number of retouches or reapplications you need per week if you follow proven nail polish maintenance practices such as the following:

- Don’t soak your nails in water before a manicure. It’s unnecessary and may tend to “puff” your nails up with water, which may lead to chipping earlier than expected as they go back to their original size.
- Use long-lasting polish and apply top coat.
- Use an acetone-free product when removing nail colour.
- Wear gloves when washing the dishes, gardening and doing chores around the house to protect your nails.
- Use mild hand soap and alcohol-free sanitizer.

Be gentle to your cuticles. Healthy cuticles are essential to maintaining healthy nails. When going for a manicure, ask your hygienist not to cut them or push them back too far. Massage cuticle oil on them to keep them moisturised and to encourage good circulation. Go to the doctor at the first sign of cuticle swelling, redness and pain which may be symptoms of infection.

Invest in good “nail habits.” Always remember what you mother says: stop biting your nails. Not only do they damage your nails; this habit also makes you look nervous, unprofessional and untidy. Using your fingernails as a tool is another bad habit to break. Use the right equipment if you need to get a staple off, open a bottle and other tasks. Choose your products well and avoid exposing your nails and hands to harsh chemicals. Always apply hand sunscreen especially when you go out or use a manicure machine using UV light.

Health nails, healthy you. Achieve your best health ever with the most trusted health and beauty brands in Australia today.


#Top 4 Tips for Healthy, Strong and Pretty Nails
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