Top 4 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Colour

Top 4 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Colour

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Energetic use of colour is the easiest way to transform your home. Beige is safe, but it’s also boring and predictable. Branch out and brighten your life. Make colour work for you so a room feels welcoming.

The good part about paint, in particular, is that if you don’t like the colour and appearance, you can coat over it. (Although that’s easier said than done if you’ve spent hours on the end of a sticky roller.)

Consider the colour wheel.
All colour schemes are drawn from the colour wheel which has twelve colours. They range from reds and oranges through to yellows, greens, blues and violets.

The experts warn that blues, purples, pinks and yellows will appear brighter on the wall than they do on the colour card. Make it a practice to choose a colour a shade paler than the colour card so it’s right on the wall. Grey, greens and beiges may appear lighter on the wall than on the colour card, so take that into account in your selection.

Colours change according to the light, too. Pale yellow can fade under artificial light. A fancy finish such as sponging or rag-rolling where bright yellow is layered over a paler shade can help counteract the problem.

Choose exterior paint.
Planning external colours follows a similar formula for those inside. Think about the mood and feeling you want. If it’s an old home, consider following the colours of the era to make it look like new and highlight architectural features. Take time to look at the home from every angle, at different times of the day, and in full sun, as well as in cloudy weather. Then get out those sample pots and road test colours.

Disguise faults.
Aside from its decorating impact, colour can be used to disguise a room’s design faults. Make a high ceiling seem lower by painting it a darker shade than the walls. Or continue the ceiling colour down to the picture rail. If there isn’t one, add a wallpaper border high on the wall and paint the wall above it the same colour as the ceiling. A low ceiling should be painted with a light colour so the room doesn’t feel closed in.

Do your own thing.
If you decide to go bold with your decor, don’t be put off by what other people think. Beige personalities generally like beige colours. Have faith in your choices.

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