Top 4 Tips for Choosing Your Family Photographer

Top 4 Tips for Choosing Your Family Photographer

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Once-in-a-lifetime moments with the kids pass quickly, so these should be photographed the way you’d like them to be remembered. Here are some simple steps to help you choose a family photographer whom you’ll be happy to work with.

Match photograph styles.
Think about what style of photography (photojournalistic, editorial or studio) you’re interested and see what the photographer’s style is (shooting style and final product). Do your styles match? If you love the candid look of photos, choose someone who has a more photojournalistic style and, on your part, you’ll need to be able to just pose and interact with each other without many directions. If you like a more posed style, go with a photographer who showcases that on their website and knows how to put your family into your desired pose or setup.

Make sure the photographer is client-focused.
Your photographer should be excited about working with you, easily reachable, and upfront about what to expect before, during and after the photo session. Another aspect is how they’ll interact with you and your kids, since kids are a big part of the session and really the biggest obstacle to any session. If you have a child with a short attention span, you should look for a photographer who’s willing to accommodate that within their packages.

Check reviews and ask for recommendations.
Ask around and search online to read reviews and recommendations from other families that have worked with the photographers you’re considering. This will show you a glimpse of the whole experience — from booking to after the session. It’s important to check reviews because a photographer’s disposition at booking can sometimes be different from when the pictures are taken, or the portfolio looks amazing but then the client isn’t happy with their final pictures.

Consult your budget.
After narrowing your search down to a few potential photographers based on everything you want for your pictures, see who among those on your list are anywhere near your budget. Think about whether you’re okay with going a little bit beyond your budget for the right photographer, and consider what each photographer has to offer for the price they stated. Some photographers state their session fee but don’t include the cost of actually getting the photos, so you should double check the information about total cost. Email the photographer and see if they’re willing to work with you on the overall cost as well.


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