Top 4 Tips for Choosing Jewellery to Give as a Gift

Top 4 Tips for Choosing Jewellery to Give as a Gift

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If you were to ask women, there doesn't have to be an occasion to give jewellery as a gift. No female, not even a tomboyish girl who spends almost all of her time playing sports or a high-ranking corporate official in a major business district, would fail to experience even the slightest giddiness, excitement or surge of happiness when a significant other, beloved relative or close friend presents her with a beautiful little trinket, even (or especially) for no reason at all.

After all, every piece of jewellery has a meaning — it could be a token of friendship or undying love, a valuable keepsake from a parent (and their parents before them), a bauble that celebrates a specific milestone in one's life or a reminder to oneself that, like gold and diamonds, she is precious, unique and beautiful even in simplicity. Being gifted with jewellery can always make a woman feel special.

How can you pick the right one?
Of course, finding the right piece of jewellery to give a woman can be more of a challenge for men than they would initially think. With so many different kinds and just as many available designs to choose from, men often feel anxious about presenting such a gift because they can't be sure that their intended recipient will love the jewellery they chose.

To help the puzzled man select jewellery that a woman would be sure to like, here are some simple and useful tips for picking out specific pieces that any girl would surely appreciate.

1. Keep in mind that you're on the lookout for something that the recipient would be sure to like, not something that you like. You may prefer simple, understated pieces on women like a single strand of pearls or a thin silver bracelet, but that won't matter if your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, best friend or other intended recipient is more into big, chunky pieces or more brightly coloured stones. So take a clue from the kind of jewellery that she already wears when choosing the gift to buy.

However, if you do know what kind of jewellery she already likes but feel that a different style would suit her better, or if you're planning to buy jewellery for a girl who doesn't wear much, it can be a nice gesture to gently say that you picked out the piece because it matches her eyes, sets off the colour of her hair or accentuates her pretty features. She may end up realising that what you chose does suit her.

2. Take note of the jewellery she usually prefers. Is she a gold or silver kind of girl? Does she like stones or does she gravitate more toward intricate details? Is she a trend follower or does she like more classic looks? Is she a lover of handmade jewellery or pieces from more established names?

3. If the person means so much to you that gifting her with jewellery seems fitting, make an effort to purchase an authentic piece. Visit only legitimate sellers and pay the right price for the item. The recipient is sure to appreciate the value of the keepsake if you went all out to get the real thing for her.

4. Pick a kind of jewellery that's appropriate to the occasion (or non-occasion) or the recipient's personality. Think about whether a pair of diamond stud earrings, a simple gold or silver necklace or a charm for her charm bracelet would be an ideal gift — these would be excellent options. If the purpose is to propose marriage or to express your deep love for the person, on the other hand, a gold, silver, or diamond ring may be more suitable.


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