Top 4 Things You Should Look for in a Self Storage Facility

Top 4 Things You Should Look for in a Self Storage Facility

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Whether you are storing personal belongings, furniture, business items, or vehicles, taking the time to choose the right self storage facility is essential to keeping your items safe and in good condition. So, how do you choose a self storage facility that will care for your belongings as well as you would?

Self storage specialists say that in addition to considering the size and price of a self storage unit, you should look for these attributes in a self storage facility.

Good Customer Service
When you contact a self storage — whether by email, phone or in person, you will find out how customers are treated. A good manager should greet customers in a friendly manner and answer all questions thoroughly and efficiently, a failure to give straight answers and a lack of organisation in the office.

Well-Maintained and Clean Area
The state of the office should give you a clue about the overall cleanliness of the place. The office should be dusted, have a clean floor, spotless bathrooms and a well-groomed, neatly dressed manager. A clean office shows the facility is well-maintained, and the personnel will care for tenants’ belongings in the same manner.

No Troublesome Pest
A good self storage facility contacts a pest control professional regularly. It’s important to prevent infestations because pests can do plenty of damage to tenants’ belongings. Facilities must address pest issues not just monthly, but seasonally.

Secure Facility
You don’t want your things to get stolen, of course, so make sure any facility you’re looking at has good security. A secure facility should have a gate with computerised access as well as security cameras and good lighting.

Choosing the right storage facility for your needs will prove to be your best value. Before making a decision, visit the nearest self storage facility.


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