Top 4 Things to Check When Choosing a Printing Company

Top 4 Things to Check When Choosing a Printing Company

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There are a lot of printing companies out there — in your area and even online. In most cases, these companies offer similar products at similar prices and therefore, so choosing the right one for the job can be a daunting task.

However, there are a few factors you can look at in order to choose the printing company most suited for your project. Inspired Mag listed these factors.

Check and compare prices.
Prices can vary throughout the industry, even for products that are of the same quality — it depends on the company you order them from. As a recommendation, check the prices of the printing company you’re considering in the early stages, as even if they offer the best service in the world, they won’t be of any use to you if they’re out of your budgeted price range.

When it comes to the online printing companies, it’s easy to compare prices as most of them have their price lists available at the touch of a button. It gets hard if you’re also considering a local company, as generally, they don’t always have price lists available on their website. However, if you know what you want and you’re happy to pick up the phone, you can often get a customised quote for your project in just a few minutes. It may not be as easy as clicking a price list online but might be worth it, as many local companies may be cheaper than the online sites.

Check if the company offers free delivery.
Many printing companies charge a lot of money for delivery, especially if you’re placing a big order that’s likely going to be heavy and cost a lot of money for them to post/ship. So when you’re looking into pricing, it’s important for you to take into account the delivery cost (along with whether the company offers free delivery or not).

You can usually tell whether or not free delivery is offered as soon as you visit a printing company’s website. Because free delivery is a unique selling proposition for most businesses, it will be prominent in the web design and is often displayed at the top of the webpage.

Check reviews.
There are printing companies that may have consistently disappointed or satisfied their clients, and reviews can tell you which company is which. A quick Google search will likely bring up a number of pages that will tell you whether a printing company is perceived as good or not.

If you’re looking for reviews of a local printing company, you can also check out local business directories and see what people have said. If you attend local networking events, you can also ask fellow business associates which printing company they work with and whether or not they offer a great service.

Check the actual quality of the products offered.
It might be worth ordering a sample pack of products from a number of printing companies (which can usually be done on their websites free of charge) to make sure they offer quality products. Some of the cheaper ones can often offer lower quality, inferior products.


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