Top 4 Simple Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Long and Healthy

Top 4 Simple Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Long and Healthy

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The process of making hair grow long and healthy can be complicated for some people. Intentionally growing out your hair takes patience, but when you know how to do it correctly, your goal of having bouncy, glossy and strong locks is not impossible to achieve.

You may have seen products claiming that they can make your hair grow fast in a matter of weeks, but most of them simply live up to their promises. If you really want to achieve the longer healthy locks you want, here are our top four tips for boosting hair growth:

1. Eat healthy.
One of the secrets to long, healthy hair is a healthy diet. Consuming the sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats and minerals you need daily can help you reach the goal to have the beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of. Try to eat food that can help boost the volume and strength of each strand so growing it out will be easier.

2. Keep it loose.
Your hair needs to breathe and rest from being tied up or styled with high-chemical products. It’s better to keep your hair loose for a while, as this will give your hair follicles some time to breathe. Keeping hair always in a tight bun or hairstyle and piling products on it may cause the strands to split and break easily which definitely won’t help you achieve the long, healthy hair you desire.

3. Invest in quality products.
You should consider the ingredients when choosing your hair care products. Stay away from products with high amounts of colourant or perfume. Your hair doesn’t need these ingredients and they may even hinder health growth. Opt for a high-quality shampoo that contains gentle cleansing agents. You should also choose a conditioner that can lock in your hair moisture and help protect it from heat whenever you use tools such as a hair dryer or hot iron.

4. Schedule regular trims.
Split ends always leave you with one option: cut it short. To avoid split ends make sure to have your hair trimmed regularly. Doing so will get rid of damaged ends and encourage your hair to grow healthier.

If you don’t trim your hair regularly or wait for a long time in between haircuts, you will have longer hair but it won’t be as healthy as it could be. The split ends can travel up the hair shaft and it may cause you to have longer and more split ends. Then when you finally get a haircut, your stylist will have no choice but to cut your hair short to clean up the unhealthy hair hanging at the bottom.

Therefore, it’s better to have your hair cut every six to eight weeks so you can have the split ends removed while they’re still short and have not yet caused extensive damage.

Growing your hair naturally takes some time. It may take weeks for some people, but for others it may take months. If you really need your hair to be at a certain length for an upcoming occasion or by a specific date, try hair extensions.

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