Top 4 Secrets to Longer-lasting Lipstick

Top 4 Secrets to Longer-lasting Lipstick

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The day is not yet halfway done, but you need to retouch your lipstick. What's a girl to do? If you are tired of spending an inordinate amount of time applying and retouching your lipstick, here are some secret lipstick tips that you can try.

For longer-lasting lipstick, there are three essential things that matter: preparation, application, and the right type of lipstick.

Secret 1 - Preparation
Before applying lipstick, make sure that you remove dead skin from your pucker. Use a lip scrub to effectively exfoliate your lips.

After exfoliation, the next thing that you need to do to prepare your lips for the application of lipstick is to hydrate it with a non-oily lip balm. Your goal here is to create a slippery texture on the lips which will allow the lipstick's colour to glide.

Secret 2 - Application
After the prep work, it's now time to proceed with the application of the lipstick. But before you apply the lipstick, start off by dabbing some foundation or concealer over your lips. Your goal here is to let your lip's colour stand out. Additionally, this will give the lipstick something to hold on to.

For bold lip colours, you should outline the outer edge of your lip line with a concealer which will act as a barrier against bleeding.

After applying the concealer/foundation, proceed to apply a lip liner on the outline of your lips. Next, begin applying the lipstick using even and controlled strokes.

Secret 3 - Apply translucent powder

Once you have filled your lips with colour, place a tissue over both lips and apply a translucent powder over the tissue. This will help set the colour. Finish off by applying some lipstick.

Keeping your lips hydrated all day long can help your lipstick last longer. Throughout the day, apply lip balm on your lips to keep these moisturised. The night before, you should also apply a heavy coat of lip balm before turning in for bed.

Secret 4 - The right gear
Matte lipsticks last longer than their counterparts. The downside is that these can dry your lips. Don't skip the preparation stage if you are using this type of lipstick. Invest in a lip liner which can help make the colour last longer. For precise application, consider using a lip brush. Finally, choose a quality lipstick over a cheap one. You'll get what you pay for.

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