Top 4 Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgery is Not for You

Top 4 Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgery is Not for You

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Cosmetic surgery can help improve the way you feel about yourself, but it is not the answer to any psychological concerns you may have. Getting cosmetic surgery done for the wrong reason can possibly lead you to a worse state than before you had it.

If you are seriously considering undergoing plastic surgery, it's recommended to take some time to think it through. However, some reasons are not worth considering when it comes to going under the knife. The following are top 4 wrong reasons why people consider getting plastic surgery done:

1. To correct a skewed body image

Sometimes, you may think that something about your looks isn't right. But when you ask other people’s opinion, they don't see anything wrong with how you look. This condition is medically known as body dysmorphic disorder, and it requires the help of a professional, such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist rather than a cosmetic surgeon.

A good plastic surgeon won’t operate on anything they consider to be normal. Psychological issues may give a person a skewed view of himself, prompting him to opt for a cosmetic procedure. It is imperative to ensure the decision to get a plastic surgery does not stem from a psychological problem.

Fixing a psychological issue with cosmetic surgery will leave you unsatisfied with the result and could possibly cause you even more problems later on. If in doubt with your true reason, visit a psychologist for a second opinion to help you identify any underlying problem that may be affecting the way you see yourself.

2. To cure a mental health problem

Having plastic surgery to change your appearance can help to improve your confidence, but you need to keep in mind that plastic surgery is not a cure for a mental health problem. So, if you feel like you have a mental health problem, it's recommended that you get the proper treatment first and then you can plan for a plastic surgery if you still want to.

However, there is an exception when it comes to people with physical deformities. If your appearance has been disfigured due to an accident or an illness, then reconstructive plastic surgery is generally advised. A deformed appearance may cause a person to feel inferior and suffer from low self esteem.

No amount of surgery is likely to bring a long-term relief from a mental health problem, as critical thoughts of the appearance will always exist. And if you still don’t feel satisfied with the result of the surgery, you will want to change it and this could lead to a plastic surgery addiction. At this point, any reputable plastic surgeon will refuse to operate and suggest the patient to invest in mental health care first.

3. To please someone else

Getting cosmetic surgery done should always be a personal decision. Doing it to impress a future employer to a get a dream job, a partner to save your relationship or to win an ex back, are not good enough reasons to go under the knife to change your appearance.

In terms of romantic relationships, even though plastic surgery could help improve your looks, it will do little to solve any problems you and your partner have.

If you want to impress a future employer, plastic surgery won't change your attitude and work ethics. Although your looks may play a part in landing that dream job, your skills will be the main reason why an employer will hire you.

4. To create a “new you”

It might sound unbelievable, but some people really feel that plastic surgery would be a good way to add some excitement to their life. Cosmetic surgery should only be done to help you overcome something that you feel is inhibiting your life and boredom is not one of them.

You also need to consider the future implications of your decision, which could have a great impact in your life after surgery. Make sure to visit reputable clinics with certified cosmetic surgeons such as Eden Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery to get the expert advice on aesthetic procedures. Check out Eden Institute to book for a consultation.


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