Top 4 Reasons How Nail Biting Affects Your Overall Health

Top 4 Reasons How Nail Biting Affects Your Overall Health

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Nail biting has consequences far worse than ruining your fancy manicure, which is why it’s best to quit the habit right away. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should stop biting your nails:

Your health

The effects vary from an infection to a serious illness. Keep in mind that your fingernails are twice as dirty as your fingers. Dirt or even worse, bacteria, often get stuck under the nails. If you bite your nails, those can get transferred to the mouth, which can cause some health problems.

You can get gum and throat infection or colds by biting your nails. These two are probably the least serious damage that nail biting can do to your body. However, you need to stop the habit as it’s not hygienic and the infection can worsen and cause more serious problems later on. Your nail biting habit can also cause you to acquire serious illnesses such hepatitis and toxic poisoning.

Exposing a negative emotional state or anxiety

Biting your nails can be seen as a sign of anxiety or a negative emotional state. People bite their nails when they’re under pressure, embarrassed, or are bored. This habit won’t make you look nice, especially in school or in the workplace.

Teeth damage

While nail biting is bad for your nails, it doesn’t end there. The habit can also cause your teeth to shift from their positions, end up getting misshapen, and wear down early or weaken over time.

Ugly-looking nails

Instead of having neat, manicured nails, nail biting can make your fingers look ugly. When you bite on your nails impulsively, you could cause them to grow out unevenly as your bite creates bumpy edges.

People who chew on their nails also use their teeth to peel off hangnails, which later on can lead to a longer and deeper tear. Keep in mind that hangnails are open sores that can get infected easily once the bacteria enter sensitive areas. Moisturise your hands and nails regularly to keep hangnails from forming.

If you feel like your nail biting habit is getting worse or uncontrollable, make sure to see a doctor to rule out any underlying illness. For more advice and recommendations on how to take care your nails, check this out.


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