Top 4 Makeup Secrets to Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day

Top 4 Makeup Secrets to Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day

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You should opt for a makeup look that can showcase the most stunning version of you on your wedding day. Wedding makeup needs to be long-lasting, look amazing in pictures and be timeless. Every bride should love how she looks in the pictures 10 years after her big day.

Beautiful makeup starts with healthy, glowing skin that you can get by watching what you eat. Nourish yourself with whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and clean proteins such as chicken, fish and beans. Keep your hydration level up by drinking lots of water daily, which also acts to clear toxins out of your body. Don’t forget to exercise at least three times a week to strengthen your body and calm your mind.

You can also book a consultation and have a makeup trial before the big day. It’s recommended to book an appointment at least six weeks prior, so you can plan and practice the look ahead of time. Check out these top four secrets to looking your best during your special day:

1. Prepare your skin.
Start with a skin care routine that makes your skin look smooth and glowing weeks before the big day. When your skin looks healthy, you don’t have much to correct and conceal. However, if your skin condition doesn’t allow you to have fancy treatments, then you should count on the right makeup choice to help you look perfect on your wedding day.

Apply foundation that best matches your skin tone. If it’s too light, it will look ashy and if it’s too dark it will look muddy. Don’t forget to conceal your blemishes and dark circles with a makeup corrector. Use a pink- or peach-toned concealer to neutralise any discolouration in your undereye area, followed with a yellow-toned corrector to lighten up dark spots.

2. Create a fresh flush on your cheek.
The secret of a blushing bride is to combine two shades of neutral blush and a brighter blush colour. Opt for a neutral blush that has the colour of your natural blush, swipe and blend it towards your ears. Then, pat a pinch of bright shade on the apple of your cheeks to add dimension to your cheek area. You can also add some highlighter on your cheekbones to add a subtle glow.

3. Choose the perfect shade for your lips.
Show your best smile with the help of the right choice of lip colour. You should opt for a bright lip colour of pink, rose or plum. Muted colours tend to look washed out in photos and make you look pale-sick. Select a shade one or two shades brighter than what you usually wear.

4. Use makeup protection products.
Don’t worry about fighting back tears or if the humid weather might ruin your makeup. Use protection products to keep your makeup from melting, creasing or being removed. For your face, opt for oil-proof primer and a good setting spray to make your makeup last longer. For your eyes, apply eye primer before swiping eyeshadow. Use waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara to prevent smudging even when tears start to flow.

A good professional makeup artist and your own knowledge about skincare and makeup will make you the most beautiful bride that you can be. For more advice on health and beauty, visit


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