Top 4 Late-Night Snacks to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

Top 4 Late-Night Snacks to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

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A late-night snack can be a saviour when you are feeling hungry in the middle of the night. However, there are things you still have to consider when it comes to eating late. Some types of food can disrupt your sleep and may also and extra calories that your body doesn’t really need.

Instead of just going for the nearest, tastiest-looking item in your fridge, you need to remember that there are some types of food you should avoid at night to lose weight effectively. Sleep better, keep your diet plan on track and lose weight by avoiding these four types of food:

1. Greasy food
Greasy and fatty food not only make your body feel sluggish, they also make your stomach work extra to digest them all. You should stay away from snacks such as fast food items, fried nuts, ice cream or cheesy food right before bed as your metabolism slows down at night.

2. High-Carb or High-Sugar
A small portion of something sweet before bed may be just what you need before enjoying blissful sleep. However, if you snack on a huge slice of chocolate cake, this will increase your blood sugar levels and cause your energy levels to spike and then plummet. These swings can interrupt your sleep process. Avoid rich, sweet desserts as well as high-carb snacks such as crackers or white bread and opt for an apple instead.

3. Meats
Having a big portion of meat late at night will make it hard for you to fall asleep as it can be difficult to digest due to the slowdown of your metabolism while you’re sleeping. It’s not necessary to avoid protein altogether, you just need to make sure that the portion you take is what your body actually needs.

4. Spicy food
Spices may be a natural cure for several illnesses, but avoid spicy food when you're craving for something to eat late at night. Spicy food can make your stomach upset, and the “hot” ingredients or formulation can stimulate your senses, making it hard to fall asleep.

Small, light portions of food that will calm cravings may help you to sleep better. Try to take sleep-inducing food or low-calorie snacks to satisfy your sweet or salty cravings. Also, remember to limit the amount of alcohol you drink, as too many drinks will keep you up at night and may cause sleep problems. If you need more information and advice about healthy living, visit this one.


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