Top 4 Hotel Room Don’ts You Should Certainly Avoid

Top 4 Hotel Room Don’ts You Should Certainly Avoid

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There's no other feeling of checking into a hotel room — and then completely checking out.

Interest sweeps over you as you open all the drawers to see what's inside, and perhaps even try the minibar and pluck one of those teeny bottles out of fancy booze, only to decide it's too pricey and put it back. You realise you're thirsty, so you drink water using one of the glasses sitting on the bar while you look for a Wi-Fi connection so you can interact with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Standard stuff, right? Well, these are actually among the surprising mistakes many individuals make while staying in hotel rooms.

Here are the top four things you shouldn’t do inside your hotel room.

Leaning on your hotel room window
Don't ever do it. They just aren't all as sturdy as you'd hope. In 2011, four people were hurt after several of the glass balcony panels in visitors' room collapsed and shattered on the ground below. It happened three times in a span of one week. As a result, the hotel was closed for days while every piece of the balcony glass was being restored.

Telling your room number to others
For security reasons, particularly if you’re a female traveller, keep your hotel room number to yourself. And if the front desk assistant says your room number aloud that other people can hear it, then ask for a different room.

Using Wi-Fi
Scammers are everywhere, and travellers searching for Wi-Fi connections in their hotel rooms can become their victim. A hacker is able to steal the data you send over the internet, such as passwords and usernames, and can also take over your computer. They create what seems to be a free "Wi-Fi hotspot", which is truly their own network which they had set up nearby.

Faking out the minibar
Availing the tiny whisky bottles and refilling them with tea isn’t okay. So is puncturing the soda can from the bottom and draining the contents, untampered items until somebody picks it up. These are a big no-no!

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