Top 4 Hot Home Design Trends for 2016

Top 4 Hot Home Design Trends for 2016

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Today, it is fairly easy to find design inspirations for your home. Apart from conventional sources like magazines and blogs, you also have social media which features a diverse and eclectic array of design philosophies.

However, wading through this deep pool of design inspiration can be confusing to many property owners. Some trends require a massive amount of money to achieve, whilst there are others that are simply too lavish and impractical.

Reading through the top 4 hot home design trends for 2016 that are compiled here, you will notice a few similar threads. For one, these design trends deftly combine style and function. Second, you can easily implement a few changes in your home in order to see a major style upgrade. Third, you can implement any of these in practically any part of your home — in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

The operative word in this design philosophy is simplicity. Attaining this look entails not just purchasing the right furniture pieces but also gaining an objective look at the room. In terms of colours, this style trend uses warm and natural colours heavily.

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This style is all about simplicity and utility. To achieve this look, you will need furniture that can double as storage compartments. Wood and stone are the favoured materials for this style, but be careful and avoid mixing too many colours which will make the room look too busy.

This design philosophy is about quiet sophistication and maximum comfort. It relies heavily on clean lines, bold colours and clean textures.

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Instead of using furniture pieces with busy patterns and decorations, opt for pieces that have clean lines and finishes. You can use decor to add texture.

Scandinavian design philosophy hinges upon the concept of a livable space. You will notice that this design movement utilises a lot of natural colours like dove grey and off white.

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Cop this look by investing in a few modern pieces of furniture and adding lots of white pieces which make the room brighter. From there, you can add a few colours to liven the room up.

Also known as Hamptons Design, this trend tries to mimic the feel of living in a holiday home. This design style relies heavily on blues, browns and neutral colours which draw inspiration from the sea.

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The easiest way to achieve this look is to use stripes and nautical themes, especially in the lamp shades and cushions. Take things to another level in your living or dining room by utilising white furniture.

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