Top 4 Health Tips for Desk Workers

Top 4 Health Tips for Desk Workers

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Are you a desk worker? You might feel lucky that instead of doing manual labour, you spend the rest of your workday hunched in front of the computer inside an air-conditioned office. Indeed, technological advances in computing and the internet have made it easier for office employees to perform a wide variety of tasks with greater ease.

But the truth is, you aren't doing yourself and your body a great favour. You see, the body was not designed for prolonged sitting. Many experts have raised the alarm about the adverse effects of sitting on a desk for long stretches of time, claiming it to be the new smoking.

Prolonged sitting increases your risk for musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain as well as other diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Continuing this affects not only your productivity at work, but more importantly, your long term health. Worse, you cannot reverse some of these adverse side effects by simply working out.

Before you hand in your resignation letter and look for a job that does not involve sitting in a desk for eight hours, consider trying these four tips.

Adjust your monitor
Ideally, your monitor should be positioned at eye level. If your computer's monitor is placed higher or lower, you will be forced to move your head and neck accordingly. In turn, this can lead to a host of problems including eye, neck and back problems.

Mind your posture
Another common problem encountered by desk workers is poor posture. One simple tip that will help you achieve proper posture is to make a double chin. This will help keep your neck and spine aligned.

Consider investing in a standing desk
You can effectively reduce the amount of time that you are sitting on your desk by replacing it with a standing desk or using a sit-stand workstation. By alternating between standing and sitting, you can improve your well-being, minimise fatigue and improve your appetite. Do remember that prolonged standing can be just as bad as sitting. Try to work while standing for short stretches of time and work your way up.

Take frequent but short breaks
Try the Pomodoro technique to help you alternate between working and taking breaks. Set the timer for 25 minutes of work and five minutes for your break. This will help you to concentrate better on your tasks and help minimise the amount of time you spend sitting down.

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