Top 4 Hair Trends in Australia

Top 4 Hair Trends in Australia

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Each year, different ways of styling and wearing one's hair emerge, and this year is no different.

Some time ago, women swooned over rainbow hair colours (primarily inspired by the multicoloured look of oil slicks and opals) and the long bob. A change is definitely in order, so here are the top four hair trends that Australians have been observed to pick up as the first quarter of the year draws to a close:

1. Shorter styles remain well-loved. Expert hairdressers like Jules Tognini (of Brisbane's AKA Togninis) point out that the "lob" or long bob may not be ready to part ways with Australian women this year — although women may prefer a shorter, tighter look to the cut than usual. Longer hairstyles are predicted to make a comeback, but not enough to push lobs and mid-length locks away completely.

2. Shine is no longer an absolute must. While women have been using all kinds of products and treatments that leave them with super-shiny strands for several decades, 2016 may be ushering in a new era for styling products. A more matte look, revealed by spray wax and salt spray products, is proving to be increasingly popular among women — they offer great hair texture and make hair easy to shape and style.

3. Creative colouring methods come to the fore. Every colour from the spectrum seems to have been showcased among the fashion-forward set last year, which immediately grew a following. This year, however, a more subtle approach may be in the works. Rather than displaying colour in the most visible areas, women are warming up more to the idea of underground colour delivery.

This means that the concealed hair panels will be receiving the colour treatment instead, so that anytime a woman moves her head or parts her hair, people surrounding her will be treated to a shock of peach strands, for example, or a shimmery blue mane may appear when she shakes her hair out from under a coat collar.

Also, stylists may employ more creative, laid-back approaches to applying colour to hair this year, which also yield a more natural-looking result. Traditional methods making use of foiling could be taking a backseat to the use of palette boards or simply painting over the hair strands with a brush.

4. Volume is played up, down low. For women who prefer to keep their long tresses, it's no longer trendy to work volume into the crowns of their heads as in previous years. Instead of creating big hair up there, stylists are turning their attention to the ends of the hair — soft waves and curls are created to accentuate the cheekbones and jawlines.

Here are some additional trends to look out for:

  • More carefree hairstyles: an easy-going bun, a ponytail cinched at the neck, or a simple tuck into the back of a shirt or a ribbon.

  • Accessories may be a big thing this year, too. Simple accents, like a cluster of flowers or a slick metallic band, do the trick.

  • Taking cues from schoolgirls, braided or plaited hair may be making a comeback. It's time to brush up on your braiding skills or look up creative and challenging looks online.

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