Top 4 Garage Door Safety Tips

Top 4 Garage Door Safety Tips

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If you think that the only places that need to be safe are your back garden and home, you’re missing something important — your garage must be safe too! Your garage can be a dangerous place without safety precautions. Garage doors, in particular, need consistent and regular attention.

As might be expected, you don’t want to take the risk of injuries that can happen to anyone in your family. That’s the big reason that safety precautions with your garage door are important. Terribly maintained garage doors is dangerous especially for children. Garage doors are the biggest and largest movable object in your home, so injuries can happen quickly if the safety precautions aren’t taken.

Inspect springs.
Always keep in mind that garage door parts are going to deteriorate, no matter how good it’s quality and how well it has been installed. This is the fact about springs. Springs are under continuous tension. If your garage door doesn’t go up or down ease, then there might be a problem with your door. You must call a professional to check that.

Sometimes, a spring only needs adjusting. Remember, failing or delaying to change a broken or worn spring can create damage. It can even cause damage to hinges and rollers or even bend the panels of your door. So, the best option for that is to call a professional and let them check it.

If your door doesn’t stay up or you can’t lift it when it’s open and in the manual, then you might have a problem.

Remember the little ones.
Up and down movement of the garage door entertains children. It’s necessary to talk with them regarding its dangers and tell them to keep away from it while it’s moving. Moreover, when you have a remote panel attached in the garage, try to keep it out of a child’s reach. Secure it at least five feet from the ground to prevent accidents.

Do daily checking.
Most of the times, the garage door gets used many times every day, so it must have regular maintenance and especially inspection even though it has been installed professionally. Always keep in mind, hardware like hinges and springs can deteriorate and break after long use, especially nylon hinges.

Spare your fingers.
Be aware that garage doors can pinch your fingers. Right now, garage doors are pinch-free or finger safe, which helps prevent children’s fingers getting injuries and traps.

All the listed tips above will help you keep your garage door in good condition for a long time. Keep in mind, garage doors can be a main cause of injuries and frustrating experiences when your car parks inside and gets stuck and you need to go out. Thus, invest your time to maintain them properly.

Let a garage door service expert in Australia check your door regularly.


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