Top 4 Front Door Choices for Your Home

Top 4 Front Door Choices for Your Home

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Your home's front door is the first exterior door that guests and neighbours see, and it’s the most regularly used exterior door in most homes. Homeowners should select a door that makes an exceptional first impression without sacrificing safety, stability and sturdiness. A front door that looks great but can’t prevent intruders or resist the wind isn’t a good purchase.

Today, various materials are used to manufacture front doors. Each material has its pros and cons. Here are some of your choices.

Wood remains one of the most common materials used to build doors. Solid wood doors are also stronger than stock wood doors and they’re available in oak, cherry, maple, walnut, pine and other beautiful woods. Solid wood doors can have complex carvings that improve their beauty without sacrificing their sturdiness. They tend to warp, but painting or staining their edges can stop this.

Another popular choice is stock wood doors. These doors are less prone to warping and are less pricey than solid wood doors. However, the veneer can be damaged easily. Some door companies make similar doors with insulated cores that make them more effective at keeping a cool home during summer and warm during winter.

Homeowners living in humid regions or in areas where the unforgiving climate is common select a fibreglass composite front door. Such doors are highly resistant to wear and warping. Fibreglass-composite doors are economical, and they last for a long time. Many door companies will even guarantee a fibreglass composite door for as long as a homeowner occupies the home. As their name shows, fibreglass composite doors are made of a combination of fibreglass, wood and other materials.

An aluminium door must be custom built, which makes them more expensive than their steel door cousins. Owners will spend at least $600 on a good aluminium door, but many door manufacturers offer warranties of up to 20 years on their product.

Steel doors are a homeowner's best bet for safety because they’re tougher than any other front door choices. The core of steel doors is made of wood or steel within a steel frame and skin. Steel doors usually need to be repainted regularly, but they’re the least costly of all the traditional front door options.

Get to know more front door choices with the help of the top door manufacturers in Australia today.


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