Top 4 Factors to Consider When You’re Planning to Install Shower Screens

Top 4 Factors to Consider When You’re Planning to Install Shower Screens

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Shower screens offer plenty of advantages that shower curtains cannot, both in terms of aesthetics and practical functions.

Just one look at a bathroom with a shower screen, you will immediately notice a sleek and chic appearance that enhances the overall look as well as help increase the market value of a home. Shower screens are durable and require minimal maintenance. Compared to a shower curtain, shower screens can make a bathroom larger by allowing more light into the enclosure.

If you are keen on having showerscreens installed in your bathroom, here are a few important factors that you need to consider.

1. Style
Most showers are placed in one corner of the bathroom. You can opt for that and have a shower screen surround the shower. However, there are other possible options that you might want to consider.

If you wish to save more space, you can choose to have a recessed shower enclosure sandwiched between two walls. This will allow you to put more bathroom furniture.

Another option you can explore if space is a vital commodity inside the bathroom is to have a quadrant shower enclosure installed instead of your usual square enclosure. Or you can opt for an offset quadrant enclosure which has one side longer than the other.

2. Type of doors
The type of door your shower screen must have will depend both on your preference and the size of your bathroom.

If space is not an issue, you should consider hinged doors for your shower enclosure. This allows you and other members of the household using the bathroom to have a wider access of the shower.

Alternatively, you can use pivot doors which still open outwards but require less clearance.

If there is little space to spare in the bathroom, you might want to consider using bifold doors for the shower screen. This type of door will fold into the enclosure. Sliding doors are a good option for shower screens when there is little clearance in front of the enclosure.

Now, if your bathroom has an irregular or awkward shape, you might want to consider the installation of made-to-measure doors for the enclosure.

If you wish to make your bathroom appear larger and sleeker, your best bet would be to have a frameless shower screen installed. The combination of clean lines and glass gives an illusion of space.

3. Glass thickness
The price of the enclosure will more often than not, be influenced by the thickness of the glass used. The thicker the glass, the higher you have to pay. Do take note that glass thickness is just one indicator of quality. Make sure that you look at other factors like the design as well as other components like runners and wheels.

4. Protective coating
If you live in an area which has hard water, consider choosing an enclosure that has a protective coating. This additional coating acts as a barrier which limits the effects of hard water on the glass, including staining and faster aging.

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