Top 4 Factors to Consider when Matching Floor Tiles and Kitchen Cabinets

Top 4 Factors to Consider when Matching Floor Tiles and Kitchen Cabinets

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Who doesn’t want to own a kitchen that looks harmonious and has a good colour balance? That’s why organising every element in the space to work together is important. This is especially true when it comes to choosing your kitchen floor tiles and cabinets. These two are placed closely to one another, so you need to make sure their colours match instead of clashing.

In order to create good coordination between the tiles and the cabinets, you should take these aspects into consideration while shopping for kitchen tiles:

Match the Tile Style
Matching the style of your floor with your cabinets is one of the first things you should do when shopping for tiles. Cabinets with contemporary modern style will look best with narrow-grout tiles. If you own traditional cabinets, you are in luck because this kind of cabinet will match various styles of tiles. On the other hand, cabinets with solid lines on the surface need tiles with a similar pattern, such as wood or fabric.

Tile Colour
The floor tile often needs to balance the colours of your kitchen interior. If your kitchen features multiple shades of a single colour or tone, select the darkest colour in your kitchen cabinets for your tile colour. It can be the glaze colour or the darkest tone in a wood grain.

Picking the Right Size of the Tile
The size of the tiles is related to the style you select. Sleek and modern kitchen cabinets fit well with oversized floor tiles that have narrow grout lines. Antique cabinets may look best with smaller tiles that have a lot of colour variations. Small tiles allow you to have more colour variations on the floor. However, a modern kitchen should be installed with tiles that are at least 12 inches in size. This way, the viewer’s attention won’t focus too much on the floor.

Tile Accents and Pattern
The pattern of the tile adds interest and style to your kitchen. However, they don't easily work with cabinet styles. Kitchen cabinets with modern style can clash with full-patterned tiles. But traditional-style cabinets or ornamental ones can work perfectly with a patterned floor tile. You just need to ensure that the size and the design of the pattern match the cabinets.

If you like your kitchen to have colour harmony, there are many aspects you should look at as each part has an important role in creating balance. Remember, floor tiles and cabinets are areas in the kitchen that will first command attention when people enter the room. It’s best to consult to trusted tile manufacturers such as Amber Tiles as they will provide you with recommendations and tips that you can follow to select the right tiles for your kitchen. Check out Amber Tiles listing here for further information.


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