Top 4 Easter-themed DIY Projects to Try This Year

Top 4 Easter-themed DIY Projects to Try This Year

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When you begin to notice stores, restaurants, cafes, schools, and homes bringing out cheery decorations — bright yellow chicks, plush little bunnies, rustic birds' nests, baskets stuffed with sweets and chocolate treats, and eggs of all colours and sizes — you know what's coming: Easter celebrations!

Both young and old look forward to Easter activities because they're always associated with so much joy, sunshine, and cute baby animals. If you're throwing your own Easter bash for family and friends, part of the fun lies in getting everyone involved in the preparations.

To help you kick off your Easter day revelries this year, here are the top 4 Easter-themed DIY projects that are sure to get everyone in the mood egg hunts, scavenger hunts, and games coming your way.

1. A different take on the Easter egg

It's a tradition in most families to sit down with a bunch of hard-boiled eggs, paints, and paintbrushes and to decorate the heck out of them. Why not jazz up this year's batch of eggs by using new art materials and decorating techniques?

• You've heard of ombre hair — what about ombre Easter eggs? Pick Easter colours like blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink and dye the eggs in increasingly lighter shades.

• Go the opposite direction — instead of colourful eggs, make them black and white. Big and small polka dots, thin and thick stripes, tile designs, letters, numbers — a black marker is all you need to make fresh new egg designs.

• Pick a specific flower — or a bunch of different ones — and paint likenesses on the eggs for a nice bouquet-themed bunch of eggs.

• Make the eggs sparkle with gold leaf. Paint eggs in cool pastel colours then give them a marbled look with gold leaf.

2. Bunny ears for kids and adults alike

Girls and boys (and men and women) will be excited to wear their own pairs of bunny ears, so make headbands that "sprout" the ears using ribbons in different colours. These are sure to be a big hit — no one will want to take them off, even after the festivities are done.

3. Special baskets for Easter egg hunt activities

Baskets are a must for carrying your precious Easter egg hunt finds, so give each person a basket they will be happy to tote around all day. You can use takeaway noodle boxes, paper cups, paper party bags, tote bags, or baskets made of recycled paper strips resembling rustic little birds' nests. Decorate them with stickers, felt flowers, real leaves, coloured tissue paper, and other fun materials.

4. Indoor and outdoor decor bursting with colour and life

Easter is all about celebrating rebirth, new beginnings, and the beauty of the outdoors, so make your surroundings as joyful as possible with your choice of decor.

• Easter centrepieces can make use of colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies nestled in artificial beds of grass and surrounded by delicately arranged twigs and twine.

• Accentuate the table holding your Easter goodies with all the symbols of Easter fun: feathers, sunny yellow and baby pink flowers, eggs painted sky blue, napkins folded in carrot colours, and fluffy plush bunnies' bottoms.

• Make all kinds of dainty decorations that you can hang everywhere to give everyone fun things to see whenever they look all around your party space: Easter buntings, strings of yellow chicks, plump bunnies and bluebirds taking flight, mini piñatas filled with candies, leaves in different shapes and sizes, balloons, crystals, and beads.

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