Top 4 Diet Myths That Prevent You From Successfully Losing Weight

Top 4 Diet Myths That Prevent You From Successfully Losing Weight

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It’s definitely disappointing when you gain a few extra pounds when you know you’ve been on a strict diet or are exercising harder than ever. Of course, following diet rules religiously without making any significant progress can be frustrating. If you’re not getting any closer to your target weight, take a look at the weight-loss advice you’re following and find out if it’s actually a myth.

1. Calorie watching is not necessary as long as you’re eating healthy.

Whole wheat products have as many calories as regular carbohydrate-rich foods if you eat too much of them. Certain types of food are recommended for your weight loss efforts, but if you don’t watch your calorie intake, your efforts will be useless. It’s still important to keep an eye on the calories you are taking and maintain appropriate serving size.

2. Exercising allows you to eat as much as you want.

Essentially, a slice of cake can cost you extra miles on the treadmill. Unless you’re working out like an athlete, you still need to watch the amount your calorie intake to keep off unwanted weight.

3. It’s better to eat often and in small portions.

Your metabolism speeds up slightly every time you eat as your body digests what you’ve consumed. So, by having many mini-meals instead of fewer or larger ones, you are training your metabolism to work harder and burn a few more calories. However, the calories you consume when you take several small meals and when you eat fewer large meals is mainly the same. And for some people, eating more simply means eating more.

4. Salad is always safe.

Most of us could use more vegetables. But keep in mind that it’s not the vegetables, but the toppings that you need to watch when it comes to eating a salad. The dressing can add extra calories you can always do without. You don’t have to avoid the dressing altogether, just take enough to make your salad a bit tastier.

Having a perfect body is virtually every woman’s dream. Many have tried a lot of diet programmes and drastically changed their eating habits to obtain the body they desire. But you also need to be aware that some diet advice can be misleading. It’s important to consult certified nutritionists or diet experts before attempting to make significant changes in your diet.
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