Top 4 Considerations When Buying Garage Door Remote Control

Top 4 Considerations When Buying Garage Door Remote Control

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Having an automatic garage door opener not only enhances your home but also provides security access and lighting in your garage. To make an automatic garage door work, you need a key that takes the form of a remote control. Here are some guidelines on how to make the best choice when buying garage door remote control.

Type of Drive System
In selecting a remote control, it’s important to know what mechanics it’s actually controlling. Different kinds of drive systems will work with certain forms of remote control better than others.

Belt-drive is the fastest growing drive because of its quietness during operation and smoothness. A belt-drive system is as strong as a steel-belted tire and it can lift the heaviest garage doors.

Screw-drive system uses a basic lift mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. These units require the least maintenance because they have few moving parts.

Chain-drive is the most common and the least expensive type of drive system. It uses a metal chain to lift the door up and down along its tracks. Yet, the chain-drive system makes more noise than the other drive systems.

Computer-controlled drive is a mechanism which doesn't use chains or screws and the body of this unit sits directly above the door. This type is helpful in garages that have limited headroom and it leaves more garage ceiling space open for storage.

Your remote control will operate the drive system, but for it to function, it needs power. Shoppers must have the right motor to lift the door so you can avoid faults to occur. Double doors should run on a half-horsepower motor while single door garages won't require as much power.

Your garage door should have a safety mechanism that stops and reverses a closing door. This mechanism can save cars from damage, people and any item so it should be maintained and tested regularly. Safety mechanisms can be helpful, but depending on the model of a garage door, they can cause disaster with a remote control. You should take it into consideration during the shopping process.

Controls and mini-remotes
The most common garage door remote is a single button remote control. A single button operates both the open and close function on doors that are a single speed. On the other hand, the two buttons (or more) allow multi-function control of one or more garage doors. Also, there are mini-remotes which allow for maximum control.

When buying a garage door remote control, you should look at its electronic locking function. It adds security to your garage and makes sure that your car is safe.

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