Top 4 Bathroom Trends You Should Not Miss

Top 4 Bathroom Trends You Should Not Miss

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The latest trends in bathrooms include open showers, designer fittings and building materials you wouldn’t normally expect to get wet.

Designer bathroom products
Remember the days when shopping for bathroom fitting filled you with a sense of impending boredom? How can you possibly choose between all those fittings that looked exactly the same, with toilet and tap having the same shape. Back then, your only real chance to express your personal style was relegated to your choice of tile colour. Thankfully, times have changed, and finally, stylish design has made its way to the bathroom.

As bathroom hardware companies have enlisted the services of big-name designers, beautiful products have become available. These designers approach the product in a way traditional bathroom designers may not. They tend to look beyond the functionality of the product. Most of today’s design influences come out of Italy, while technological advances often originate in Germany, and we continue to see their design influence.

Timber in bathroom
A surprising trend in bathrooms is the inclusion of timber as a flooring and surface material. Even a little worked into your bathroom design can ‘warm’ the space significantly. This trend has come out of Europe, where the climate has a big impact on the desire for a sense of warmth.

Floorboards are becoming popular in bathrooms, too, but if that’s too much timber for you, there’s always the option of a timber-veneer vanity or timber shelving. An important consideration is that any timber products you use in your bathroom need to be properly waterproofed and treated to resist the unavoidable humidity and dampness.

Electronic shower controls
Imagine stepping straight into a shower which temperature is perfect for you — no more standing stooped at an uncomfortable angle, waiting for cold water to run hot or scalding water to cool down. Electronic controls can make this happen.

Sensor taps are also starting to emerge in domestic situations, even though they’re more common in commercial environments. People are still getting used to the idea of having sensor taps in their homes. These taps are perceived to be more expensive than traditional models, but you need to keep in mind long-term water savings. In the past, sensor taps have been limited to the basic design that only suit a commercial application, but more visually appealing designs are coming through.

Wet room
A wet room is a bathroom where there’s no traditional shower screen or base. It’s usually an open area with a central drain in a gently sloped floor. Wet room designs can work wonders in small spaces because there’s a little too visually break up the room or create an obstacle. A wet room can seem much more spacious.

Waterproofing the entire room is vital. Don’t assume you’re limited to tiles, though stone or treated concrete can look beautiful in this application. Many wet rooms are being installed as ensuites because ensuites are increasingly becoming bigger and taking the place of the main bathroom.

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