Top 4 Bar Hopping Tips That Will Make the Night Fun

Top 4 Bar Hopping Tips That Will Make the Night Fun

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Bar hopping or crawling is an enjoyable experience, especially if you’re doing it with your friends. You can visit local bars and pubs and discover new cocktail combinations. You'll be able to meet new faces and explore the local nightlife at the same time. If it was done correctly, pub crawl can be one memorable experience. However, bar hopping is a risky adventure so, to ensure a smooth crawl, be sure to follow these tips.

Plan ahead of time.
The average bar hoppers visit four or five different pubs in a night, however, there are some who can reach as many as 10 pubs or more. For you to be able to have enough time to stop by all of your favourite bars, planning is a must.

You should plan the most efficient route between locations. Once you've decided on a route, you can start contacting everyone who wants to join. Discuss your plan with the group and inform the pub or bar owners about your crawl so they can provide enough staff that can accommodate your group.

Hire a party bus.
The purpose of pub crawls is to drink as much as possible in as many locations as possible. But drinking and driving don't mix well. To enjoy your bar hopping, hire a party bus and a professional driver that can make sure everyone arrives at each location safely. It can also lessen the hassle than splitting a taxi fare at the end of the night. Also, a party bus can provide lights and music so you can enjoy while travelling.

Limit your drinks.
Everyone has a different level of alcohol tolerance. Others can drink two bottles while others can have a few sip before they feel a little tipsy. To avoid problems like collapsing in the middle of night, you have to limit your drinks and try to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar.

Prepare your emergency numbers.
It’s important that you save emergency numbers on you. When someone insists on drinking beyond the limit at your pub crawl, be prepared to call a separate taxi for your guest and send him/her home. You’ll want to have a trusted taxi number on hand for the occasion. Also, alcohol poisoning can possibly happen, so if you notice one of your friends showing symptoms, you can easily contact someone for help.

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