Top 10 Things You Should Bring On A Hike

Top 10 Things You Should Bring On A Hike

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You want to “get away from it all.” That goal generally entails being somewhere isolated — like the wilderness. Now you don’t need to abandon everything and live in the wilderness to actually feel some sense of quiet or experience seclusion in life.

And one of the best ways to feel this needed solitude — without turning your life into material for a survival movie — is to go on a hike. Indeed, hiking can be a powerful workout as well as a great way to fight the symptoms of stress. That is, provided you are prepared for this short journey into the wilderness.

You need to have all the right items for your hiking trip organised before you head out. But first, consider this checklist to make sure you have a safe and exhilarating walkabout in the forest:

· Eat breakfast – and make it a good one because your first meal will give you the energy you need during the hike.
· Know the weather condition – so you don’t get yourself stranded somewhere when a storm blows in.
· Know the trail – hiking stops being fun when you get lost. So get acquainted with the trail.
· Tell someone where you are headed – family and friends should know where you plan to take your hike. This is just in case you don’t return as planned. This way, rescuers can be deployed to the right location.

What to Bring:
1. First Aid Kit
Just bring the essentials: bandage, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and pain relievers. This should help you manage wounds you might get during the hike.

2. Duct Tape
OK. It sounds strange, and kind of like more suited for some dubious “activities”, but bringing duct tape to your hike will fix small problems. For instance, if you happen to tear a hole in your tent you can simply bind it with duct tape.

3. Navigational Tools
If you consider yourself quite the modern explorer, bring along a GPS device. If not, you can always go old school with a map and a compass.

4. Shelter
Even if you were only planning to hike for a couple of hours, a tent might still come in handy. So pack one.
5. Headlamp or flashlight
A light source might also not be necessary, if you just plan a day hike. You never know when an injury slows you down and night finds you still halfway through your destination. With a light source, you can make your way back with ease in the dark.

6. Fire
We don’t mean start one but do bring something that can spark fire: match, lighter, or one of those fancy fire starters.

7. Water
When you’re hiking, whether as an exercise or a form of relaxation, you will need plenty of water. Your mind and body will function better when you’re hydrated.

8. Extra Food
Bring dried fruit for fibre and calories. Tuna and crackers and trail mix are also pretty popular with hikers. But if you’re going on a long hike, you might want to plan your meals and bring some cooking essentials in your pack, too.

9. Satellite Phone
If you’re heading deep, deep into the wild, it’s a good idea to have a communication device that will guarantee you can make contact — in case something happens.

10. Sun Protection and Insulation
Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to bring other “modern luxuries,” like sunscreen, hat, jacket, and gloves. You’ll want to keep the heat of the sun from scorching your skin or stay warm when the temperature cools down.

Other things to bring:
· Camera
· Binoculars
· Bag for collecting rubbish
· Quick-dry Towel
· Trekking Poles


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