To Do’s Before Choosing a Cleaning Service for Your Home

To Do’s Before Choosing a Cleaning Service for Your Home

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Save your energy as you invest in the services of cleaning experts. But before choosing a cleaning service, consider the following tips first.

Find out your needs.
Decide what areas of your home need to be cleaned. Are there specific areas you want the cleaners to focus on? Do you want the full range of cleaning services? Make a list of your expectations for the areas to be cleaned.

Ask for referrals.
Learn from others’ experience. The people around you may possibly recommend the best cleaning companies, and they may even help you get in touch with their recommended company.

Look for bonded and insured companies.
If any untoward incidents happen during the cleaning, a bonded and insured company will take responsibility. But if you choose one that’s not bonded and insured, the responsibility will all be yours.

Contact the companies in your list.
Over the phone, ask them questions that will address your concerns. Ask if their cleaners are legal residents and what type of background checks they have gone through for screening. Make sure the cleaners are responsible and haven't committed any crimes. If they haven’t conducted background checks, drop that company.

Seek a free consultation.
This consultation involves having representatives come to your home to see the cleaning work to be done and giving you their estimated price for the work. Don’t consider a company that isn't willing to offer this because you both should know what to expect before the work starts. Before they arrive, keep your home in its usual state – the look before a cleaning job is done.

Make sure the service is safe for you and your family.
Ask what kind of chemicals the company uses during its cleaning services. This is especially important to know if you have children, pets or allergies. If the company refuses to divulge or if it uses cleaning agents with toxic ingredients, you should then choose another company.

Choose a service that can give you satisfaction.
Choose a company that offers one flat fee, instead of a per-hour charge. With a per-hour charge, the chance is that cleaners will move slower in order to get more pay. Be cautious of a deal that's less expensive than others and is too good to be true, and investigate it carefully to find out what kind of service you'll be getting.

Follow these tips, and you’ll surely find the right cleaning service for your home. Consider one of these accredited cleaning service providers in Australia.


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