Tips to Get The Best Accommodation Services While on Vacations

Tips to Get The Best Accommodation Services While on Vacations

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Once you have chosen your destination and booked your flight, the accommodation is the next big decisions to take when planning holidays. However, it can be difficult to strike a balance between quality and price, especially when you are often booking it from the other side of the world. The question now is how to find a favourable accommodation for an affordable price. Consider the following guidelines before making a decision:

  1. Evaluate your needs
    Your accommodation should reflect your personality, age, and taste. It also depends on the type of transportation you will use to get there and the people you are travelling with (couple, family or friends). You have to make sure that your partners have the same viewpoint about the kind of trip you want before searching for the accommodation. Otherwise, you will lose your time discussing instead of doing something fun.
    Do you want to relax? Explore the country? Something adventurous? To meet people? To participate in organized activities? To eat in the hotel or outside? To be able to cook? Do you travel with children? This point is worth to think about before you make a reservation.

  2. The duration
    Staying in an expensive hotel near the area where can be ideal for short trips and you will save you transportation costs. However, it can be unaffordable for a long time.

  3. What is your budget?
    If you have tight policy on your budget, a motel should be convenient. Pay attention on the facilities of the motels. On the other hand, if money is not a big deal for you, you can stay on a hotel or a resort near to the sights.

  4. Select an option
    Here is a comparison of the different options you may choose:
    Hotels: they are usually located in areas of interest. They are perfect for business trips or city trips.
    Bed & Breakfasts/Inns: they are similar to hotels, but are more often found across the country side.
    Rental apartments/villas: this is perfect for those who want their privacy or are staying for a long trip because it is often less expensive than hotels.
    Hostels: they are also located in areas of interest but a lot cheaper than hotels. They have a culture unto their own as they are often targeting young international people who want to meet new friends. Some of them even have an age limit. They are perfect for the backpacker adventurer on a budget.
    Camping areas: this is by far the cheapest accommodation you can pay, but you need your own tent and some offer very limited facilities.

  5. Narrow your choice to meet your specific criteria
    Once you have an idea about what you want, for how long and how much, you can start your research on the Internet. Use our directory to find accommodation in the location you want in Australia. Pay attention to some important information:

  • The location: before booking a hotel, make sure that you know exactly where it is. It is one of the most crucial criteria.Our Google map can help you figure out where is the place located. Make sure that the place is within easy reach of things you want to see and do.

  • Facilities: there is no point paying for a luxury resort with facilities that you will never use because you plan to explore the city rather than staying in the hotel. If you are travelling with children, make sure there is an entertainment, a crèche or babysitting service, a pool, etc. Consider also the dining facilities.

  • Prices: Does it suit to your budget? Look for any special deals, such as ‘stay 4 nights, get one night free’.

  • Ratings and reviews: Does it have a good rating? Read also online reviews in travel sites. Always be aware that good reviews can be written by the hotel manager himself and that people having disastrous experiences are more likely to write online reviews. Browse also the forums that exchange tips, opinions and suggestions about travel and accommodations.

Tips to cut your accommodation expenses
Here are some tips to save your when booking for accommodation:

  • Treat directly with the hotel. Compare the rates and facilities of hotels on our directory, email the hotel and asked for a discount. Book with the official website where you can sometimes find further deals. Hotels advertise with various agencies and have to pay commission, so they may be happy to bypass the agencies and split their commission with you.

  • Keep in mind that choosing a cheap accommodation doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality. Hostels and campsites, for example, can provide you with new and amazing experiences. Hostels now provide private rooms and facilities that resemble hotels more.

  • Be flexible. Prices fluctuate with seasons. Christmas is obviously one of the most expensive periods for travelling. Also, midweek travel is usually cheaper than weekend travel.

  • Plan ahead. Take time to do research on internet to compare the different options and to read reviews and you will find good deals and advice for saving money.

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