Tips to Choose The Best Security Company for Your Home and Office

Tips to Choose The Best Security Company for Your Home and Office

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As you bought a new house or expanded your business bigger, the criminal threat will appear soon or later. Fortunately, with the aid of good security service companies, you do not have to worry anymore. They will protect your properties when you are absent, drive away intruders, prevent burglary, and even detect fire. The security system will automatically bring you the safe feeling, thus you can concentrate on your business or enjoy the quality time with your family with no worry.

Choosing the Suitable Security Service Company

If you never deal with any security service company before, it will be a little bit anxious to choose which one is the best. These are several tips to follow when you decide to improve the security of your home and office:

  • Mind your budget with what your need. The price will get higher if you choose more complex and comprehensive service.

  • Make sure that the company has license and good reputation. Ask for any previous customer’s suggestion if necessary.

  • Have a look at the staff that you will hire. They must be certified, qualified, and nice.

  • Ask for quote that include all costs from the installation, fee, and warranty.

Estimation of Security System Cost and How to Cut the Cost

Basically, having a simple security system is not so expensive. A security bars from galvanised steel with powder coating will cost you $190 per square meter. Having this with addition peephole for your door, a stainless steel flyscreen with lock and sensor floodlight will cost approximately $600. The cost will be more expensive if you decide to have video surveillance camera and monitoring staff (it is around $3,500 plus monthly monitoring fees).

You can try to cut down the cost by having the simple DIY security. However, these can be very time consuming.

  • Start thinking to reduce the amount of tall bushes and big trees. The idea is to diminish the hiding places for the intruder.

  • Fasten your previous locks. Make sure that they are still working perfectly. Watch out for those old rusty padlocks, you may want to replace it for the new ones.

  • Make sure every door is solid. Any cracks or broken part will make the door easily for the intruder to penetrate. Watch out for any open ventilations and skylights also.

  • Do not forget to lock the garage too. Intruder may acquire ladder, plier, or even hammer to help them entering your house.


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