Tips to Build a Great House with Minimal Budget

Tips to Build a Great House with Minimal Budget

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Generally, if you want to build a new house, a small type 36 M2, would require a fairly high cost, just take a minimal example for a standard price currently stands at around 2 million each meter so that the type of building buddy type 36 living alone multiplied by the price each meter 2 million, price of approximately 72 million, What if you don’t have enough money around 72 million, while the desire has a new home has not been prevented many ways to be able to have a new home with a minimal budget. There are some tips to save money to build a great house :

#1 Building a house in a strategic location that is easily passed the transportation of building materials, building houses in remote and difficult areas for incoming material structure has could cause activity would be expensive to build a house.

#2 Choosing materials as cheaply as possible but still have maximum quality, always compare several alternative materials that can be selected and used in every corner of the architecture of the house to get a cheap price to build a house.

#3 Build at the right time can save the cost of building a house
Plan the optimal design of the home for saving things that can reduce the cost of building a house like shape detail of the house, building material selection, determining the size of the house and the like.

#4 Create a complete home design working drawings before building a house, it can save time to think builders in the implementation so that development activities could be faster, but it is a good working drawings are also useful to avoid the work of assembling the result of home form that has not been customized or not fitting the shape of the actual house can be done when creating the image of the house changes.

#5 Choose a builder or contractor professionals who are experts in their field, this can certainly save time and cost of construction of the house because it is done by human resources are truly able to realize a good home as a dream and the dream of a family.

#6 Building a house with a size as small as possible but with maximum functionality such as setting the house plans are good and right and the selection of small architectural forms, but superior support in building a cheap but good homes.


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