Tips to Become a Pro in Decorating Cakes and Pastries

Tips to Become a Pro in Decorating Cakes and Pastries

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One of the biggest factors for the customers to buy a cake or pastry is its decoration. Creativity must always be present in cake and pastry decorating. You will be needing decorating tools and accessories in creating different effects on your frostings. Just by varying the angle, the pressure and the way you move the tip and you change the look of your borders. Look for tip covers, pastry decorating bag and couplers, icing tips, cake decorating practice boards and simple petal tips or ornate stars as you build your collection of elegant accessories.

Cake decorating, like many art forms, does not develop overnight. You must practise and then practise some more in order to improve. Consider these simple steps in decorating cake and pastry.

Sketch your concept before you start decorating.
It helps to give you an idea of what’s feasible and what’s less feasible. It will save you time and can also possibly prevent heartache.

Cake decorating is a skill that gets easier with practice. The good news is, practising is enjoyable! It also doesn’t matter if you make mistakes because that is how you learn – and sometimes you can turn a mistake into something even cooler than the original idea.

Read cookbooks.
Try to consider picking up from cookbooks or the experience of others. Cake decorating is also subject to fashions and trends. The Internet is also a wonderful resource for your cake ideas and decoration.

Keep it simple.
Simple ideas are often the best. You don’t have to have the technical proficiency to create something that looks so beautiful and impressive. Try to think outside the box.

Give yourself plenty of time.
Professionally decorated cakes can take a lot of time, generally 2 to 3 days, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish your project.

To have an inspiration for your first (or next) cake and pastry decoration project, consider visiting the best cake and pastry shops in Australia today.


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