Tips on Finding the Right Daycare

Tips on Finding the Right Daycare

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It takes a village to raise a child. Parents need a lot of support to make sure their little ones are given the right care, while making sure that they have time to attend to other responsibilities such as work and household chores. For many families, finding the right daycare can be one of the most practical and smart solutions to address this concern.

However, looking for a daycare is not easy. For one, you have to be meticulous in ensuring the facility offers the right environment and is manned by a staff with the training, capacity and values to take care of your kid properly.

Moreover, the demand for quality daycares has been steadily rising, so it’s not uncommon to discover that your first (and second) choice to be already fully booked by the time of your search.

To make your daycare hunting easier and to ensure successful results, consider the following tips:

Look for other alternatives. Instead of a daycare, you might try to hire a nanny or a babysitter if the budget permits. Another alternative is to find a relative or a friend you trust who may have the time and inclination for babysitting. You may also want to seek recommendations from your local preschool, playgroup or parenting forum. The set-up can be temporary until your preferred place opens up a slot for your child.

Get a list. Go to your local government authority governing daycares and child minding centres. Ask for a list of register childcare providers in your neighbourhood. Go through that list one by one – at least you know that these facilities are legitimate and vouched by the authorities.

Talk to your employer. If work is the main reason why you need daycare services, then maybe your work can also be as source of solution. Many workplaces today are open to part-time or flexible work hours and remote working. Talk to your superior is such types of arrangement are possible for you for the time being.

If all else fails, taking an unpaid parental leave can actually be a practical option as it provides you the time and space to really find the solution that works best for you. However, make sure to have a budget plan in place to accommodate the temporary income loss.

Always remember that when it comes to your child’s safety and well-being: when in doubt, do not proceed. Don’t settle for a childcare facility that isn’t up to your standards just because all your preferred options are unavailable at the moment. Take your time instead of taking the risk. With vigilant research and networking, you will soon be able to find the right arrangement for your family.

Searching for a childcare provider you can trust? Check out this list of Australia’s top facilities offering quality childcare services.


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