Tips on Decorating Your Dining Rooms

Tips on Decorating Your Dining Rooms

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Dining rooms can be an afterthought in new houses where casual living spaces gets precedence. If it’s worth having one, it should be a practical size. Don’t be like the couple who shaved renovation costs by reducing the size of their dining room, only to find it wouldn’t fit their table!

Make it Big Enough.
A dining room should be big enough for guests to sit comfortably at the table with space to move behind the chairs. For serving and storage, plan for a sideboard, credenza or chiffonier.

When you’re talking size, make allowances for the chairs to be out from the table, not neatly tucked underneath. If the host has to breathe deep to negotiate a narrow gap behind a chair, there’s a greater risk of him tipping wine down a guest’s neck when he’s endeavoring to fill glasses.

Room With A View
Dining rooms are often used at night, so give yours ‘wow’ power with views to a landscaped garden or courtyard. Floodlight special features such as statues or a fountain and you’ll be able to bring the outside in.

Fountains Count
If full-length dining room windows overlook the side of the house and the only view is the fence, plan something special.

Install a fountain -- wall models are easily mounted -- or a small waterfall. The tickle of running water will be a pleasant backdrop to your dinner chat. Plant the garden beds with vibrant colour to draw the eye. Or go for a low-key, tranquil Japanese garden with stone lanterns and ornaments, a water feature, grasses and gravel.

Dim The Lights
Install a dimmer switch so the lights can be lowered for instant atmosphere. Muted lighting makes for a moodier meal than a bright bulb blazing overhead. But don’t overdo it. Most of us like to see what we’re eating. Candles placed strategically on a table will also add a warm glow . Put several down the middle of the table or a small one by each [place setting. Squat candles floating in shallow bowls of water can also look effective. Keep the candles away from the eyeline.

Mirror The View
Mirrors can be put to good use in a dining room. A wall of mirrors will make the room seem twice the size and reflect any candlelight on the table. So too will a mirror over the fireplace or sideboard.

Put a mirror tile or two down the centre of the table and stand bowls of flowers or candles on them. You’ll get double the effect fro your floral efforts and the candlelight will reflect prettily in them.

Add A Conservatory
A small room can be enlarged by adding a conservatory-style glass roof and walls. Guests will love eating under the stars.Investigate blinds for the windows for sun protection and insulation.

Tricky Tables
If funds don’t stretch to a new dining table and chairs, make do. Hide the kitchen table under a pretty cloth and bring in those director’s chairs from around the barbecue.

Slip new covers over them and you’ll have your guests’ eyes popping with the glamour of it all. Slip covers vary enormously in price, so keep an eye out for specials.

Or buy two laminated tables and push them together for special occasions. When you’re not eating off them they can be used for sewing or studying.


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