Tips on Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

Tips on Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

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Maintaining the performance of your heating ventilation, air-conditioning system is an integral part of keeping your home safe, healthy and comfortable. Proper maintenance of your HVAC units also ensures that the energy required to run them is used efficiently. This allows you to be conservative in the use of energy and to enjoy savings from your power bills.

Thus, many homeowners make it a point to call a trusted HVAC contractor on the first sign of an HVAC problem. Being alert for even the most minor issues will prevent the problem from turning into a serious and costly one. However, experts say that it’s not even enough to wait for a problem before calling a contractor. They say that it’s best to invest in regular check-ups and maintenance done by a professional HVAC maintenance team, so that you prevent the problems before they happen.

Below are some tips on how to choose HVAC contractor.

1. Check the air conditioning unit that will be used by the contractor as a replacement for your old or damaged one. Hence, a good and knowledgeable HVAC contractor would suggest a different model and type of air conditioner. If they insist to sell you almost the same or older model, think again, maybe the contractor just wanted to unload some of his air conditioning units in his office.

2. Be suspicious of HVAC contractor that attempts to offer you estimation over the phone. There are many factors to take into consideration that a contractor cannot visualize over the phone, such as ducting, the mount of registers per room, kind of insulation and the window of the house. These considerations cannot be done over the phone. If the HVAC contractor is insisting on giving you a bid over the phone, they must be inexperienced ones, trying to close the business deal with you for money.

3. Go with your intuition, and not who offers you the cheapest. Check importantly who will do the job right. Who installs your HVAC unit is more important than what type of unit you buy or where you live. Do your research also.

4. You may want to call or get the opinion of previous customers of your chosen HVAC contractor. If the contractor hesitates at presenting names of their previous customers, then remove them from your list. If they are good HVAC contractors, they should have a list of satisfied customers ready.

5. When selecting a contractor, always think that getting the size of an HVAC unit by matching it to the home needs skill. A poor design results in poor temperature distribution inside the house.

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