Tips on Choosing the Best Hotel to Stay during Vacation

Tips on Choosing the Best Hotel to Stay during Vacation

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Your choice of accommodation can make your trip or break it. Make the wrong choice and you could be miles away from all the action and stuck in a dingy, damp hotel. Make the right choice and you could secure the best deal in a luxury hotel and have the best holiday ever in your life. Follow these tips and get ready to have any break that you want:

  • Compare prices. Search around for the best prices on hotels at several different comparison sites. Don’t forget to contact hotels directly as they may offer better rates when booked directly. Look out for multiple night discounts and sign up to hotel emails which will alert you the best deals first.

  • Consider the facilities. Decide what hotel facilities and amenities that you need, for example, will you really use the plush gym suite every day? Book a hotel with the facilities that you will actually use so that you are not paying for things you don’t need.

  • Consider meal service. Estimate how much meals will cost locally and consider upgrading to a meal plan to the hotel. For example, Asian meals can be bought cheaply, so it is pointless paying $15 for a breakfast. However, in some destinations the price may be more expensive and set meals could be a good option.

  • Pay attention to the hotel location. Check out the local transport links and consider where you need to stay. Rooms in the center of big cities will probably smaller with fewer facilities but closer to the sights. Rooms on the outskirts may be quieter and have more space for leisure facilities. Some comparison sites show hotels on the maps for ease of use.

  • Think about staying at local hotels. Skip the big chains and soak up the atmosphere that smaller room offers. If a budget is one of your concern, local hotels or motels may give you a good deal.

  • Family friendly. Research the hotels that are more suitable for your party. If you are traveling with family, for example, you won’t appreciate a party atmosphere with a late night pub on site.

  • Do a simple research. Check out online hotel reviews, travel forums and also ask around amongst family and colleagues for feedback and pointers on destination and hotels.

  • Just ask. You could always try good-old fashioned asking, try asking for a free upgrade or a free meal thrown in, especially if you are regular visitor or celebrating a special occasion.

  • Go directly. Consider whether booking accommodation and tours together is a better option. Sometimes it will cut your costs and time.

  • Loyalty. If you are a frequent traveler, it would be better if you try to join a loyalty scheme and see if there are any tie-ins with frequent flier schemes, which could all add up to some healthy savings.

  • The location. Sometimes the best hotel choice is the one that is closest to the movie theatre and good restaurants. When you are searching for a hotel, look at a map of the area to find out what other easements that might close by. If your hotel is in the midst of fast food joints, theme park and a grocery store stocked with emergency supplies, this is probably the best choice.

  • The size of the room. A little extra space goes a long way when traveling with kids. A suite is often the best choice for families, so that parents get a separate sleeping spot from the kids. If your children are older, adjoining rooms that give each person a little extra space and privacy might be the best option. In addition to enjoy more sleeping space, you will consider an extra room that allows the children to play comfortably when you rest in your room for an extended period of time.

  • Discounts for younger travelers. Many family-friendly hotels offer discounts for kids, whether it is a “kids stay free” deal or discounts on dining and other facilities. Some hotels also sell tickets for local, kid-friendly public playground at a reduced rate or provide coupons for family dining and activities. When you book your hotel, ask about any specials they might be running for families.

  • Dining options. A free continental breakfast can be a great value if you are feeding a family of four or more. Some families also like to have a restaurant on the hotel site or after coming in from a busy day of sightseeing. If there isn’t anything delicious available at the hotel, ask about dining options nearby the hotel, so you can plan family meal times accordingly.

  • Room service. Room service can be a really nice for families who like to turn in early at night or grab a breakfast in the room. It is also nice to have the option to order a few goodies if you tend to come back to the hotel in the afternoon for naptime. For those families that run themselves ragged at the beach or amusement park during the day, a quiet dinner in the room with a movie might be the perfect end to a busy day.

  • Swimming pools. Most kids love to splash, even if swimming is not their specialty. A hotel swimming pool can be the perfect place for kids to burn off excess energy or for Mom and Dad to relax after a hectic day. Heated indoor pools allow for swimming fun no matter what the weather looks like outside and can be the perfect solution to whiling away a rainy day on vacation.

  • Refrigerators. It is a fact that kids love snack time. However, it can be an expensive issue when you are on vacation. If you choose a hotel room with a refrigerator, you can keep water bottles, juice boxes and a few snacks. It is also a perfect place to store unfinished food at the last restaurant meal, especially if the hotel also have a microwave to warm up leftovers when Junior wants to eat them.

  • Babysitting services. Some family-friendly hotels offer babysitting and daycare services, so Mom and Dad can sneak away for a little alone time on vacation. These services usually come with a fee, but it will be worthy since most of them are tightly selected and professional in their field.

Finding a family-friendly hotel is relatively easy task, once you know what to look for. The right mix of facilities, activity centers and comfort features ensure that every family member enjoys the best pleasure during the vacation.


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