Tips on Choosing Building Materials

Tips on Choosing Building Materials

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One key to successful construction of your home is choosing the right building materials. When you use a contractor to build your house, most of the building material selection is done by the contractor. However, you should also understand how the contractor ensures the quality of the materials used.

-You can do a simple test to check the quality of the sand: Put some sand in the palm of the hand, rubbing and waste. Check out the palm of your hand. Good sand will not stick to your palms.

-You need gravel for concrete work and gravel that is used commonly is the size of 10mm and 20mm. Gravel should be hard, strong and free from clay, silt, organic matter and other foreign materials.

-To test the quality of the brick, tap-tap on the metal. Bricks that will either produce a loud sound of metal clinking. When dropped from a height of one meter, a good brick is not broken.

-Cement will also look good when it is removed from its packaging. Good-quality cement is that whole grains can be broken down and appear soft as dust, also does not clot.

-Choosing ceramic tiles is probably the hardest part because there are thousands of colors, sizes, styles, shapes and quality. You will never go wrong when choosing a neutral colored tiles such as white or light beige. When choosing a color that is more striking, consult with your architect to harmony with other elements of the house.


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