Tips for Painting Your Room White and Right

Tips for Painting Your Room White and Right

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White is a plain colour, but choosing the right white for your room is not that plain and simple. Here are three principles that will guide you in choosing the right white paint.

How to Paint White and Right

1. Assuming that the room is flooded with light from the north and taking the white kitchen into account:
- The best option is a white paint that doesn’t reflect light too harshly, such as Murobond Paints Natural White in pure low-sheen acrylic. Use it half-strength for the ceiling, in a flat finish. This white will work well with the benchtops. It doesn’t take on any particular hue, so it is very neutral.
- You can also use Resene Soapstone in SpaceCote Low Sheen. Although still a tonal white, this shade imparts warmth and depth to the wall.
Always try a test patch on the walls before you buy all the paint, as location conditions can affect the colour.

2. Choosing the right white is harder than choosing a colour. The choice of whites is immersing and each has subtle differences that can make or break a space.
- To avoid creating a clinical atmosphere, stick to a warm white USA on walls, teamed with Dulux White on White for trims, doors and ceilings to sit beautifully with your floorboards and benchtop.
- Alternatively, with a large open space and northerly aspect, don’t be afraid to go one step further and use a soft, contemporary, warm grey such as Dulux Grey Pebble, at half-strength. It will have the crisp feel of a white room but with added atmosphere.

3. White can be complex to work with, as it comes in many different shades, tones and textures. Each element will change the way you read the colour.
- Warm-based whites would be suitable for your projects, such as Murobond Paints Eggshell and Natural White Chino. These are all warm neutrals, ochre-based, with a touch of burnt umber.
- Consider also the texture and sheen you want, keeping in mind that flat, grainy-textured paints look fantastic but are not as serviceable as low-sheen acrylics. The flatter the paint, the less washable it is. Because it is a large space, keep the wall and trim colours the same, varying the sheen level.

After you come up with the right white paint, you can start painting your walls, but it is not an easy task so with the help of this tips on how to paint walls like a pro you may be able to do it yourself without hiring a professional painter.

Choosing the right white paint is just one of the things that you should know about painting rooms in your house. Consult one of these accredited painters in Australia to help you get the right colours for your beloved house or better consulting with Luxury Design Painting today for all your residential, industrial and commercial painting needs!


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