Tips for Longer, Shinier and Healthier Hair

Tips for Longer, Shinier and Healthier Hair

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Maintaining long and lustrous locks may seem like a difficult dream to achieve for many women (and some men). However, you do not necessarily have to invest a huge sum of money toward professional hair care or costly products. Listed here are some helpful tips that will allow you to protect your hair and keep common problems like brittle strands and split ends at bay.

Massage your scalp regularly
Regularly massaging your scalp stimulates the growth of hair follicles, reduces stress and promotes blood circulation. All of these contribute to the growth of healthy hair. All you have to do is use your fingertips to give your scalp a massage.

Choose shampoos with keratin or amino acids
When you are shopping for a shampoo, carefully read the product labels. What you would want to choose is a shampoo that has either keratin or amino acid as one of the active ingredients. Both of these prevent and contain damage to the hair follicles by coating the hair shaft. Just remember to avoid shampooing your hair every day to prevent stripping away moisture from your hair.

Protect your hair with a heat protectant
Using a blow dryer or a curling iron is a great way to vary the style of your hair. However, heat can also damage your hair over time. In order to prevent this, you should spray heat protectant on your hair before using these implements. Apart from that, a heat protectant can make your hair lustrous and bouncy.

Mind what you eat
Unknown to many people, the quality of food they eat has a direct effect on their hair. For example, if you stuff yourself with unhealthy fare, it will show in your body, including your hair. On the other hand, if you pay attention to the food you consume, you'll be able to boost your health and improve the appearance of your body, including your hair.

Managing stress effectively
Stress has become an inevitable part of daily living. What is crucial is how one handles it. If you allow stress to get the better of you, it will show on your body and even on your hair. To keep the effects of stress at bay, and improve the quality of your hair, consider meditation and deep breathing, exercising or even simply going out for walks.

Invest in the right tools
Having the right tools in your toolkit will make it easier to take care of your hair. One of the most important things that you will need is a shampoo that suits your hair type. A good shampoo will help you eliminate accumulated oils and debris on your hair.

A good conditioner, on the other hand, offers your hair ample protection from the elements while making it softer and more manageable.

In order to make your hair more lustrous and to tame frizzes, brush your hair regularly. Just avoid brushing your hair while it is wet. Instead, opt for a wide-toothed comb.


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