Tips for Growing Garden Trends

Tips for Growing Garden Trends

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Here are some useful tips for growing garden trends.

Growing trend: green walls
- Green walls offer multiple benefits for small urban spaces, including noise reduction, air purification, insulation and rainwater absorption, as well as attracting wildfire and, of course, covering unsightly wall.
- Vertical gardens can be grown on frames, trellises or free-standing supports, or in attached containers.
- Good plants to use in a vertical setting include ferns, sedum, ivy, Carex, Heuchera, Campnula and Bergenia.
- Place plants that like drier conditions at the top and those that prefer a wetter, shady position at the bottom.

Greening the garden: eco balance
- Choose a garden that works with its surroundings, respond to climate change and promote biodiversity.
- Choose the right plant for the right place so you will get healthier plants with fewer diseases and pest problems.
- Plant pollen and nectar-rich flowering species to encourage birds and insects.
- Grow a diversity of plants to offer more food and shelter opportunities for local wildfire.
- Catch rainwater and recycle grey water.

On the surface: lawn alternatives
- Water-hungry, high maintenance lawns were passed over in favour of recycled paving materials and groundcover plants.
- Alternatives to traditional grass include native violet, prostrate grevilleas, dwarf mondo, Dichondra, Ajuga, Festuca and Carex.
- Try using herbs such as mint, thyme, pennyroyal and chamomile to create living groundcover.
- If you prefer hard landscaping, consider permeable tiling solutions, which absorb and release rainwater into the soil below.

Patchwork: the edible garden
- The trend to grow your own produce continues to build momentum. Home gardeners are growing produce among ornamental plants, in dedicated veggie plots and in containers.
- Plant your produce in a sunny, open position that will be convenient for frequent harvesting.
- You don’t need a big backyard or dedicated vegetable bed. If you’re short on space, start growing veggies and herbs in containers or window boxes.
- Try easy crops for veggie novices such as potatoes, beans, carrots, sweet corn and baby vegetables.
- For best results, sow a little at a time, often. You will enjoy a continuing harvest throughout the growing season.

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