Tips for Choosing the Right Gym

Tips for Choosing the Right Gym

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Okay, so let’s get things straight: You have finally made a commitment to have some work out and join a gym. Now the question is: how do you decide which gym is right for you?

Choosing a gym is an important investment in a healthy lifestyle, so take your time to find the right gym for your needs. Choosing the right gym will deal about the success of your training. With this article, we will try to provide you with useful information and tips to determine if a gym is good or not.

1. Weight Training Equipment

Make sure the gyms have the weight training equipment that you need. If you're new, make sure they have an adequate amount of free weights. Check out the dumbbell rack and make sure it goes up to at least 100 pound dumbbells. Look at the condition of the benches, racks, dumbbells, barbells and the overall condition of the equipment. Look for a variety of weight training machines such as Hammer Strength, Cybex and Nautilus.

2. Cardio Machines

Make sure they have a wide variety of cardio machines, which should include:

  • Elliptical Machines

  • Treadmills

  • Stationary Bikes

  • Stair Climbers

  • Rowing Machines

  • Spinning Bikes

Look at the current machines. See if they look new and fresh, or old and used. Look for "Under Repair" signs on the multiple pieces of equipment. Another thing to look for is an aerobics room. This is great not only for aerobics classes but also for jumping rope and doing long lunges.

3. Cleanliness Factor

Is there dust all over the equipment? How about wrappers, bottles and other trash on the ground? Look at the overall cleanliness of the gym and see if they have a full time dedicated person who cleans the machines and equipment on a daily basis.

4. Observe the staff & trainers

Are there enough staffs in the gym? How many trainers are currently available? How do the trainers look? One of the worst things you can do is take advice from someone who is less successful than you are. Would you ask IT advice from someone who doesn’t even know what a computer is? Make sure you choose a trainer who practices what they preach and who is truly dedicated to helping you succeed in your program.

5. Locker Rooms

Make sure they have enough lockers and storage space for your belongings. Do they have locks or do you need to bring one? Look at the shower facilities and see if they have a sauna and hot tub. These are very nice to have after a long workout.

6. Child Care

Check and see if they have adequate child care facilities and how the facilities look. Do they have interesting toys and games for your children? Make sure the hours of operation fit your schedule also. Is child care included in the monthly price? This extra facility will make your life easier, especially when you bring your children to the gym.

7. Tanning Facilities

If you tan, check and see how many beds they have available. Are the tanning beds stand up beds or lay down beds? How old are the tanning bulbs? Is tanning included in the monthly gym fees?

8. Hours of Operation

How long is the gym open on the weekdays and weekends? If you train at night, make sure they are open until at least 10PM. Many gyms are now open 24 hours, which makes it very convenient to workout whenever you want.

9. Access to Other Gyms

Do they have other gyms in the area? If so, can you workout at any of those gyms or do you need a special membership to access them all?

10. Ask for a Complimentary Workout

Once you have seen the gym and observed the overall layout of the facilities and staff, ask them if you can have a complimentary pass to workout and see how you like the gym. They should always offer you a free pass to come in and check out their gym before making a decision to sign up.


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