Tips for Buying Paint

Tips for Buying Paint

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When you’re thinking about painting any room, consider the following tips that will help you choose the right paint.

Find out what you need.
For a heavy-traffic area, which is likely to be knocked about a bit by pets or children, a good quality low-sheen acrylic will do. You can wipe or scrub it without fear of damaging the paint work. If exposure to water or steam is going to be an issue, choose a semi-gloss acrylic or a specially formulated paint that has a fungicide in it.
For a low-traffic room, you might go with a more specialized finish -- a distemper or Tuscan finish could work well. French-wash lends a peaceful feel to bedrooms and a suede-effect paint is a good choice for media rooms.

For Exteriors

Think durability.
To ensure your exterior paint job is going to last, choose a premium-quality paint and make sure you prepare all surfaces correctly so its adhesion is good.
- Lime paint is great on a rendered wall, especially if you think you may have a moisture problem such as rising damp.
- Exterior low-sheen acrylics with UV inhibitors are ideal for weatherboards and the Dulux water-based Aquanamel is a great product for exterior wood work because it expands and contracts in the heat.

Go easy with gloss.
Steer clear of high-gloss finishes if the surface you’re painting is uneven or blemished, because the gloss will draw attention to any imperfections. For high-gloss paint to look its best, the preparation work underneath should be very neat.

Pay for premium.
No matter which company you go with, sick to its premium line of paints. They can be more pricey, but they’re worth it for the extra durability. Check if your paint is covered by a guarantee, and always do the correct preparation work to the substrate being painted.

Check your colours.
Choosing paint colours can be a very daunting exercise. Get sample pots of the colours you like and brush a square in the area you are painting. Exterior colours on a paint chart tend to look lighter once they’re painted up in the sunlight, whereas interior colours can look darker because they can be slightly shaded by facing walls. Make sure you are 100 percent happy with your choice.

Play safe with neutrals.
Paint colours go in and out of fashion, but neutrals stay pretty constant.

Buy the right paint so you can paint your house right. If you’re about to paint any room in your house, get help from well-trusted painters in NSW.


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