Tips for Buying High Quality Bathroom Furniture

Tips for Buying High Quality Bathroom Furniture

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The bathroom is one room in the house that requires careful planning whenever you're renovating or having a new house built, if it is to serve you and your whole family properly.

Unlike the living room, bedroom or kitchen which you can furnish mostly depending on your personal style preferences, the bathroom must be able to function well as a place where the household can take care of their hygiene needs. It requires fittings, fixtures and accessories that would make this possible.

So how can you be sure to get only high quality bathroom furniture for one of the most important spaces in your home? Provided below are three simple tips that can help you get started:

1. Make a list
Your bathroom will need the following:
· Toilet suite
· Mounted and wall hung toilet pan with cistern
· Vanity
· Basin, tub and sink
· Basin tap set
· Shower enclosure
· Shower tap set
· Shower rose or adjustable rail slider and hose
· Mirror/shaving cabinet
· Bath or spa
· Bath or spa tap set
· Exhaust fans and heaters
· Plug and trap
· Toilet brush set
· Toilet roll holder
· Towel rails
· Floor wastes for drainage
· Other accessories can include: Bidets, towel rings, soap dishes, baskets, storage cabinets, door stops, soap dispensers, grab rails, robe hooks, etc.

For each item, you can also add the available variants or models that you can consider selecting so you can have a clearer picture of all the options available to you.

2. Set a theme for your bathroom
Because you have more than one wet area in your home (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, etc.), it would help make designing the spaces easier if you pick a particular theme for all of them to follow.

You could choose themes such as elegant, minimalist, modern, rustic, etc. This can help you narrow down the look you should be looking for, for all the items on the list you made above. Make sure that all the fixtures, fittings and furnishings come in the same colour palette, for example, or are made with the same combination of materials, so you can help build a more streamlined and cohesive look for your bathroom and other wet areas.

3. Decide on a budget
Setting amounts that you can allocate for your bathroom essentials will help you make sure that the new construction or renovation project won't bleed you dry, and that you still get the look and function that you want for your bathroom.

Having a budget means that you'll have to shop smart for your furniture. Never attempt to get all the items you need from one place—prices of the exact same products can vary widely among different sellers, so do your research and visit every retailer within reasonable distance, or online. Compare prices, be on the lookout for sales, and ask sellers for special deals they can offer.

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