Tips for Building a Water-Saving Garden

Tips for Building a Water-Saving Garden

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Water is very crucial for the growth of the plants in your garden, but do you know that you can grow your garden while conserving water? Gardening with less water requires some thought and planning, and changes to old habits. Here are a few simple tips that will help you cut down your water usage while protecting the substantial investment you have to put into your valuable asset -- your own garden.

Water your plants in the morning or evening. This gives moisture time to penetrate so that it doesn’t evaporate before it gets down to the dirt.
Train your plants in good water habits. Less frequent deep-soaking will train the roots to grow down into the soil. Light sprinklings (especially with a hand-held hose) are therapeutic for the gardener, but create problems for the plants. They encourage the roots to stay near the surface where they are more vulnerable to heating up and drying out.
Train yourself -- and your kinds -- in good water habits. Don’t leave garden taps dripping, and don’t use hose water to clean paths and drives. A broom and some muscle is all you need!
Water the roots of plants, not the leaves. Don’t let water blow away in the breeze. Use a soaker hose, a watering system, or direct the water into a plastic tube that carries the water straight down to the roots of the plants.
Mulch around your plants. Do this to conserve moisture, compost, newspaper, rocks, straw or whatever else you can get hold. Don’t allow mulch to touch the plant’s trunk and don’t use a material that has been sprayed with a weedkiller.
Use every drop of water. You can use rinse water from washing machines, as this can be directed onto the roots of plants. Meanwhile, you can use grey water from baths, which can be mixed with soluble fertilisers, to encourage the growth of healthy plants with vigorous root systems. A lightly fertilised lawn can use up to 30 per cent less water than an unfertilised one of the same grass type.

There are many ways to cut down water usage and still enjoy the lush green effect of your garden. Follow these tips and see how it will benefit you and your garden.

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