Time Management Tips for College Success

Time Management Tips for College Success

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The education and workplace environments have changed so much in the past few years that old rules may not always apply anymore. Today, universities have students from a wide range of demographics – young and new, old and returning, full time students, working students, those who are financed by their parents or sponsors, those who have to finance their studies while supporting their families and attending to other responsibilities.

Despite their difference in backgrounds and situations, one thing is true for all university students: you need to be savvy in managing time, because it’s a number one factor to doing well and graduating on time.

If you’re a college student, consider the following time management tips that will help you juggle your studies as well as your responsibilities as an adult:

Choose a realistic setup. Students today have a wider range of learning methods to choose from. You can attend university as a full-time student, following the traditional 4-year course schedule. Alternatively, you can opt to sign up for online education courses, so you can fulfil your course requirements from home or work. There are also accelerated courses which offer a more intensive but shorter time frame so students can get a degree or diploma faster.

See the big picture. Study your course schedule and requirements and consider your current situation. Noting all these givens, you can start planning ahead even before you enrol. Look at your weekly load and see what you need to do for the entire year as well. Based on how many papers you are expected to submit and how many days you need to attend classes, you can then gauge how much work hours for school you need to put in on a regular basis.

Live a healthy lifestyle. College is fun, exciting, demanding and stressful. Long study nights and toxic exam weeks can take a toll on your health. To make sure you’re putting in your best performance at school, it pays to eat well, exercise regularly and get sufficient hours of deep sleep every night. Find a good balance between work and play, as a balanced lifestyle provides you physical energy and a sharp mind you need for college.

Expect the unexpected. University life has its ups and downs and ebbs and flows, so students should learn to be flexible to survive. For instance, when a deadline for a term paper is looming, you may need to let go of your perfectionist streak and simply submit a paper that’s good enough instead of not being able to submit anything at all. Or, you may be faced with unexpected twists in life that can derail or delay your schedules. When these things happen, don’t panic. Just find a way to work around the situation until you’re back on track again.


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